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Anthon Raimund: 100 years of beauty

100 years of beauty: a guide by Anthon Raimund

Socialite and Photoshop provocateur Anthon Raimund travels back in time to recreate the best beauty looks from the last 100 years

Designer Anthon Raimund initially began photoshopping his images to make his friends laugh, but when he became inundated with questions about his ‘cosmetic procedures’ he quickly realised the power of Instagram to project a personal mythology. Anthon is fascinated by the fluid nature of digital identity, and how it can be used to construct an online persona wholly different from our IRL counterparts. Although his Instagram is undeniably a parody of mainstream accounts, it is also a homage to them. Anthon feels that excess, glamour and artificiality are qualities to be celebrated, not scorned at.

Hi, I’m Anthon Raimund and I have a timeless beauty with a contemporary edge. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and through this century the beholder’s tastes have changed. Nowadays with technology, global media and several waves of feminism to thank, our faces are ours to do with what we wish. However, from the binary bounds of past convention to the present’s more fluid notions of physicality, each era still has a defining look. Whether we want to draw inspiration from that or not, to be a true visionary you must first understand what came before. With that in mind, I have decided to try the differing looks of the decades. Here is my voyage through visage history. Enjoy.