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North West, Kim Kardashian
Via Instagram/@norisblackbook

Kim Kardashian uncovers the secret identity of North West parody account

The mystery of Nori’s Black Book, an Instagram posing as the seven-year-old to poke fun at the Kardashian clan, has finally been solved

The secret identity behind Nori’s Black Book has been a mystery for years, at least until now. In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim and Khloé launched an investigation into the North West parody account, which had already racked up hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram (and has since tipped over a million).

The pair originally questioned family friends on whether they’re the one behind the notorious fake account. “Oh my God, I f***king wish I was Nori’s Black Book,” hairstylist Jen Atkin replies. “My captions aren’t that good.” Kim Kardashian’s former assistant, Steph Shepherd, also comes under the magnifying glass, giving a similar answer. “I think it’s really someone random,” Shepherd suggests. “And I don’t think any of your guys’ friends are that funny. No offence.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Instagram account reposts images shared by the Kardashian family and those in its orbit. Witty captions in North West’s detached, perpetually over-it voice poke fun at everyone from Addison Rae to her own siblings.

In the end, the Kardashian sisters end up formulating a different plan to uncover the incognito poster: offering KKW Beauty press products to Nori’s Black Book, to find out their home address.

The person behind Nori’s Black Book is eventually revealed to be a fan named Natalie, who flew to LA to meet Kim and Khloé face to face. “Meet Natalie AKA @norisblackbook who started that account for fun and is SPOT on with North’s personality,” Kim writes alongside a photo of the meeting on social media. “It’s all in fun and so happy we got to meet the super talented hysterical writer Natalie!”

Natalie also explains the origin of the page, saying: “I started it like, literally, seven years ago... I’m on the phone with my friends — this is when the Babies R Us collection came out — and you weren't showing North’s face yet, just her body. And I’m like, ‘God North would be so fucking pissed. Can you imagine being North West and you’re wearing Babies R Us? The nerve!’ And then just like a lightbulb went off.”

The persona, she suggests, is a mixture of Kanye West’s ego and Kim Kardashian’s plain-spoken nature. “It’s kind of like, ‘Okay, if you think Kanye has ego and you think Kim’s a little direct, like meet North West, she’s 1,000 times.”

In a statement posted to Instagram May 14, the Nori’s Black Book writer says that she’ll continue to run the page after her identity was revealed: “As long as North lets me!”

Kim, meanwhile, has more pressing matters to attend to, with the US government demanding that she forfeits an Ancient Roman sculpture “looted, smuggled, and illegally exported” from Italy.