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Safe DM
Science & TechThis new Twitter plugin deletes unsolicited dick pics from your DMs
Life as a young female politician
Politics‘We have big voices’: young female politicians on fighting sexist bullying
TikTok gets its first ‘why I quit the app’ essay
Science & TechThe first known ‘why I deleted my TikTok’ essay goes viral
Science & TechTikTok reportedly took three hours to tell police of a livestream suicide
Selena Gomez – spring 2020 5
MusicSelena Gomez says Instagram is destroying young people’s identities
TikTok is stealing Instagram’s look
Science & TechTikTok is stealing Instagram’s look (which Instagram stole from TikTok)
TikTok coronavirus
Science & TechHow viral coronavirus hoax videos are blowing up on TikTok
Chloe Woodard in the iconic Who is She Vine
Science & TechVine is officially back in the form of new video app Byte
Influencer Paul Zimmer
Life & CultureThe bizarre story of an influencer who gave himself a new identity
Twitter to let users totally limit replies to tweets
Science & TechDon’t @ me: Twitter to let users totally limit replies to tweets
Realiy TV
Film & TVBuying and selling authenticity: a decade of reality TV
Science & TechYouTube bans insults aimed at race, gender, or sexual orientation
TikTok reinstates banned teen who criticised China
Science & TechTikTok reinstates banned teen who criticised China
Cardi B
Science & TechCardi B claps back at Instagram for its plans to remove likes
Instagram likes
Science & TechInstagram likes will disappear in the US next week
Punk kids at London Climate Strike
PoliticsI went viral while protesting for climate action
TikTok banned LGBTQ+ content
Science & TechTikTok censored LGBTQ+ content in some countries
Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, Slayyyter, Rina Sawayama
Charli XCX guest editWhat it’s like to be a serious stan for an emerging pop star
Science & TechLooks like Instagram is copying the best bits of TikTok
Teen organises strike via TikTok
Science & TechThis teen used TikTok to organise a strike in solidarity with her teachers
Instagram is working on a new messaging app, Threads
Science & TechInstagram is working on an ‘intimate’ spin-off messaging app
Life & CultureWhat making friends online is like for teenagers today
Kate Durbin, Hello Selfie (performance), 2015
Art & PhotographyShould we ban taking photos and selfies in museums and galleries?
Instagram is cracking down on fake news
Science & TechInstagram will let users report fake news in the app