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Instagram woman
Life & CultureInstagram is finally cracking down on online bullying
IRL: Investigating Reality
Art & PhotographyThis art show blends surrealism & realism to question what reality even is
Madonna on Instagram
MusicMadonna criticises Instagram for making people ‘feel bad’
Are Instagram influencers going extinct?
Life & CultureIs the era of the influencer over, or just evolving?
Science & TechThe AI-driven social media network hailed as the next Tumblr
Noa Pothoven
Life & CultureDebunking the viral news story of a Dutch teenager being legally euthanised
Instagram selling your interests to advertisers
Life & CultureHere’s how to see what stuff Instagram tells advertisers you’re into
Nude protest
Science & TechFacebook is reconsidering its artistic nudity policy
Donald Trump and the Queen state visit
PoliticsStop your twee tweets, the Queen isn’t throwing shade at Donald Trump
404 film
Life & CultureWatch this moving short film imagining a future with Snapchat filters IRL
Social Media
Science & TechSocial media only has a ‘tiny’ effect on how happy we are
Milo Yiannopoulos
Science & TechFacebook finally bans Milo Yiannopoulos and other far-right conspiracists
Instagram likes
Science & TechInstagram is trialing the removal of likes
Science & TechDead people are going to outnumber live users on Facebook by 2050
Woman lip syncing on TikTok in India
Life & CultureWomen in South Asia are lip syncing for their lives on TikTok
Delete the internet
Science & TechHow the government’s ‘online harms’ proposals could change the internet
Facebook Profile update
Science & TechFacebook data of millions of users has been exposed... again
I’m Baby viral Twitter meme
Life & CultureInvestigating the rise of the ‘I’m baby’ meme
Science & TechFinally: Facebook is banning white nationalist and separatist content
social media addiction
Science & TechBritish MPs think social media addiction should be treated as a disease
Dazed Social 2019 4
Art & PhotographyFour major artists on how to harness social media for your career
Selling nudes online Twitter Reddit Instagram
Science & TechInside the world of selling nudes online
Dick Jewell
Art & PhotographyDick Jewell’s oeuvre traces the progression of visual perception
Joe Sweeney
Art & PhotographyThis art installation asks us to be totally honest about the Brexit debate