AFW Article Cover (Nuwa)
A FUTURE WORLDWhat will life be like in the first self-sustainable city on Mars?
Spiders in Jumanji
NewsListen to creepy music translated from a spider web by scientists
AFW Article Cover (Cyborgs) (1)
A FUTURE WORLDFour human cyborgs discuss the future of hacking our bodies
Adam Perkins ‘Welcome to Chili’s’
NewsViral Vine star Adam Perkins has died aged 24
AFW Article Cover (Robot dogs)
A FUTURE WORLDHow soon until Boston Dynamics’ viral robot dogs roam the streets?
AFW Article Cover (Deepfake)
A FUTURE WORLDHow deepfake technology is bringing loved ones ‘back’ from the dead
AFW Article Cover (Black researchers)
A FUTURE WORLDThe Black scientists changing the future with research and social justice
Slowthai and Debnever
MusicDeb Never and slowthai discuss music-making past the pandemic
“Sleep with Kate”, Moment In Time (2021)
NewsThese NFT artworks capture intimate moments with Kate Moss
Iddris Sandu’s future world
A FUTURE WORLDIddris Sandu is the digital architect designing the future
NewsIntroducing A Future World 2021: climate action, cyborgs & cities on Mars
FeatureRanking the most cursed fake Amazon worker tweets
Pornhub video purge
Science & TechHow Pornhub’s video purge is hurting sex workersFollowing the seismic exposure of Pornhub for hosting non-consensual and abusive content, credit card companies have cut ties with the adult site – but creators who rely on the platform have been left in the lurch