Tamagotchi Smart
NewsThe new Tamagotchi lets you wear your pet on your wrist
#EndSARS protest
FeatureNigeria’s Twitter ban is a worrying step back to a dark past
Tim Berner's Lee
NewsYou can now buy the original World Wide Web as an NFT
UFO, JJ Abrams, Showtime
NewsJJ Abrams’ new documentary to explore ‘unsettling theories’ about UFOs
NewsNASA will be voyaging to the dark side of the moon
An artist’s impression of the VVV-WIT-08 star system
NewsA ‘blinking’ giant star has been found near the centre of the galaxy
AFW Article Cover (Parley)
Q+AInside Parley For The Oceans’ mission to protect our polluted planet
Rizla x Dazed roll the tape
MusicIntroducing ‘Roll The Tape’, a live performance series and chat show
Laughing gas
NewsLaughing gas is effective in treating depression, according to a new study
NewsJoe Biden officially reverses the TikTok ban ordered by Donald Trump
Encrypted messaging app
NewsWhat the hell actually happened in the FBI crime app sting?
Instagram app
NewsInstagram finally sheds light on ‘shadow-banning’ and its algorithm
FN Meka
Science & TechMeet FN Meka, the robot Soundcloud rapper blowing up TikTokCYBR is the world’s first magazine to be sold as an NFT – here, you can read an excerpt from its digital pages