TikTok dance creators fighting for copyright
NewsTikTok dance creators are fighting for the copyrights to their work
AFW Report - Article Cover
Lists10 key predictions from our latest trend report ‘2031: A Future World’
Artist’s impression of `Oumuamua
NewsScientists launch a new search for remnants of extraterrestrial life
Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 16.17.37
NewsLil Uzi Vert will be the first person to legally own a planet
New kids on the blockchain
FeatureNew kid on the blockchain: the young people using crypto for good
New emojis 2021
ListsNew emojis are finally on their way! Which one are you?
Def Noodles banned from Twitter
NewsWho is Def Noodles and why has he been banned from Twitter?
Anne Imhof’s Carte blanche, Natures Mortes, Palais
Art & PhotographyAnne Imhof takes over the Palais de Tokyo for a mammoth, mesmerising show
Mark Zuckerberg
NewsMark Zuckerberg is trying to bribe influencers back onto Facebook
Kyle Thomas
NewsWant to be an influencer? TikTok launches an IRL venue in the UK
Contraceptive pill
NewsThe mini pill is finally available without a prescription, but at a cost
TikTok, Ziggi Tyler
NewsTikTok responds to claims that its algorithm censors BLM-related content
FN Meka
Science & TechMeet FN Meka, the robot Soundcloud rapper blowing up TikTokCYBR is the world’s first magazine to be sold as an NFT – here, you can read an excerpt from its digital pages