Animal Crossing
NewsYou can now play Animal Crossing with a buttplug
Randonautica on TikTok
NewsRandonautica is the creepy app that led TikTokers to a dead body
Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 11.35.24
NewsAnonymous hackers target TikTok, urge users to delete ‘Chinese spyware’
Tinder launches catfish feature
NewsTinder launches its ‘selfie challenge’ to finally stop catfishing
Erica the robot
NewsAn AI robot has been cast in the lead role of an upcoming sci-fi film
Okie Dokie Lawn Service
NewsAnimal Crossing fans are making real money running in-game businesses
HAGS yearbook app
NewsThis app lets high school students sign virtual yearbooks via Snapchat
Monomass influence report
Life & CultureRead Dazed Media’s trend report on the future of youth culture
Boston Dynamics robot dog, Spot
NewsYou can finally buy that terrifying, door-opening robot dog
BLM Instagram filter
NewsThis Instagram filter tells you which BLM charity to donate to
Instagram Black Lives Matter
NewsInstagram users want swipe-ups made available for everyone to support BLM
Fake celebrity gossip Twitter thread
NewsTwitter users share fake celebrity gossip threads to promote anti-racism
Dazed Hype House
Science & TechStep inside the Hype House, where TikTok dreams are madeWhat happens when America’s number one teenage content creators move in under one roof? This is the Hype House, through the keyhole