girl on smartphone
NewsThe internet isn’t a safe place for women, rules new report
NewsSpace-based film studios are about to be a thing
woman on phone
NewsThis dating app has introduced an anti-ghosting feature
Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1970 Dune
NewsCryptobros spent $3 million on Dune book, believing it gave them copyright
Sigma Males
FeatureRise and grind: how ‘sigma males’ are upturning the internet
Cannabis plants
NewsCannabis can prevent COVID, according to new research
Phone social media
NewsInfluencers may soon have to flag their photoshopped posts
La Grande Dame x Yayoi Kusama by Veuve Clicquot
Life & CultureVeuve Clicquot Creative Maker and artist Kom I on joy and optimism for 2022
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FeatureBrittany Broski’s new podcast explores the wildest corners of the internet
NewsNASA engages theologians to prepare humanity for alien contact
Ex Machina
NewsScientists develop ‘AI prosecutor’ that can press charges against you
Illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope in space
NewsNASA’s new space telescope may revolutionise the hunt for habitable planets
Joshua Citarella
PoliticsJoshua Citarella, the internet theorist tracing the radicalisation of Gen ZThe New York artist and internet researcher shares his research on memes, conspiracy theories, and the launch of his joint platform, Channel