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Stormzy, M.I.A., and Frank Ocean back Labour
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A list of the celebrities backing Labour in today’s general election

From Stormzy and slowthai, to Caroline Calloway and Frank Ocean, these are the names supporting Jeremy Corbyn for PM

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Today, millions of people across the country will head to the polls for the UK’s third general election in four years. If you don’t yet know where you can vote – check here now.

With the NHS in crisis, the world in a climate emergency, and a whole generation burdened with never-ending rents and huge student debts, this election is the most important of our lifetime so far.

Labour’s manifesto is a vision for a new world, focusing on the NHS, affordable housing, free education, broadband for all, and a green industrial revolution – that’s why Dazed is backing Jeremy Corbyn at this election. A number of celebrities have also come out in support of Labour, citing the party’s arts policy, Boris Johnson’s racist beliefs, and LGBTQ+ rights as some of their reasons.

By now you’ve likely decided who you’re voting for, but who are your favourite celebs backing? Because surely nobody has a fave celebrity that backs the Tories – Katie Hopkins? Piers Morgan? – here, we outline musicians, designers, and artists who are supporting Labour at today’s general election.


Stormzy has always been vocal about his disdain for the Tories, previously criticising Theresa May over her inaction following Grenfell, rapping the infamous line, “Fuck the government and fuck Boris”, on his number one hit, “Vossi Bop”, and calling for Jacob Rees-Mogg to resign following his hateful comments about Grenfell’s victims. It therefore won’t come as a surprise that the rapper is backing Labour at today’s election. Posting on Instagram the night before voter registration closed, Stormzy wrote: “There are several reasons as to why I’m voting for (Corbyn)... for me, he is the first man in a position of power who is committed to giving the power back to the people.” He added that he thinks Johnson is “a sinister man with a long record of lying”. Following his post, the number of people who registered to vote surged, with a record-breaking 350,000 people registering in one day.

Earlier today, Stormzy shared a video on Twitter in which he said: “Today it’s very, very important that you vote. Man’s never voted, man’s always looked at politicians and thought, ‘I don’t trust you lot. You lot don’t do nothing for man in my community and my circumstances or my mum’s circumstances’, but for the first time in my 26 years of life, there’s a man who man trusts. For me, it’s very clear cut: Jeremy Corbyn is a man of hope, a man of justice, a man of equality. The other guys are fucking pricks so don’t be stupid, bruv, go use your vote.”


On Monday (December 9), Vivienne Westwood debuted two drawings on Instagramdeclaring her support for Labour. One depicts a yellow, Corbyn-esque smiley face wearing an apron that says, ‘what’s good for the planet is good for the economy’, while the other shows an image of Johnson with horns, declaring him a ‘Trumpette’ and a ‘devil of a man’. In the caption, the designer wrote: “This is the most important election of the human race – you have to vote Corbyn! One is a devil, one wants to make the world a better place.” Westwood previously signed an open letter voicing her support for Corbyn, defending him against accusations of anti-semitism.


Being unable to vote in the UK’s general election won’t stop Frank Ocean from urging his supporters to. Today, the musician reposted an Instagram Story from rapper Sage Elsesser (AKA Navy Blue), which said: “Vote Labour! All you youngers that don’t care to vote, please vote! This is very important!”


Following his debut album, Nothing Great About Britain, and his stunning Mercury Prize performance in which he held up Johnson’s ‘severed head’, is it any wonder slowthai is voting Labour at today’s election? In recent weeks, the rapper has consistently urged his followers to vote for Corbyn via his Instagram, this morning posting a Story that read: “Think of the most vulnerable person you know and vote in their interests.” slowthai also tweeted “VOTE LABOUR” – we will, king.


Potentially the most shocking comrade on this list is scammer and influencer Caroline Calloway, who yesterday shared an illustration on her Instagram Stories that read: “This general election is a turning point. Please vote Labour.” A shocking declaration from someone I’d assumed to be a Tory at worst, and a wet Lib Dem voter at best. Dazed’s deputy editor put it best when predicting how Calloway would celebrate Corbyn’s victory: cooked salads and Matisse nude-making, darling!


Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander posted a video on Twitter last month encouraging his fans to register to vote. He said it’s especially important for young people to register “if we want to get rid of the Tories”, before adding, “which we all do”. The singer then went on to joke: “I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but don’t vote for the Tories.” Alexander again followed up this morning with a tweet that read: “Go and vote !! I voted Labour eeee.”


Sharing a rose illustration on Instagram last month – including a label that read: “Roses are red, violets are blue, register to vote before the Tories fuck you” – artist Polly Nor said: “This Tory government and its racist, sexisst, homophobic leader are destroying the lives of so many people. Their cruel policies are pushing working people and families into poverty while giving tax breaks to the rich. It doesn’t need to be that way. Labour is offering a real alternative, to rescue the NHS, to tackle the climate crisis, and to rewrite the economy so it doesn’t just work for the super rich.” Nor created the illustration for IG art collective Creativity4Change which brought artists together to encourage people to register to vote. Co-founded by Polyester zine’s Ione Gamble, the project aims to use “the power of art and imagery” to “incite social change”. 


With almost 12 million followers, Little Mix have a vital platform to galvanise young voters – and last night they did just that. The band’s Jade Thirlwall – who was recently a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – shared a photo of herself in a ‘for the many not the few’ t-shirt, with a note that read: “I want to use my platform to encourage you to use your voice in the general election. Young people are less likely to vote but it’s so important that you do, and have a say in the future of your country. Who you vote for is your decision but whatever you do, make sure you use your vote.” Thirlwall then went on to endorse Labour, explaining that she believes in their manifesto. “Coming from a working class background,” she said, “I know it’s important that we have a government which supports everyone and not the few. We need to save our NHS. Labour believes in funding the arts. They support the fight against climate change. Their manifesto supports equality and the LGBT community.” The singer concluded: “Whoever you are and however you vote, be proud of your choice and use your voice.”


As well as speaking at the launch of Labour’s Arts for All policyM.I.A. has been vocal on social media about her support for Corbyn and the Labour Party. Sharing an archive video of the leader discussing the arrival of Tamil people in England on Instagram today, the singer said: “I came to London May 1985. Thanks to this guy, me and my people got to stay!!! #VOTE happy to give back and support this person today @jeremycorbyn.”


Designer ASAI has been at the polls this morning – no doubt in a lewk – casting his vote for Labour. The Dazed100 alum shared a video of himself walking into his local polling station on Instagram Stories, as well as images of his designs with the word ‘Labour’ added. He obviously heard red is this season’s colour.


“VOTE VOTE VOTE!!” Dua Lipa wrote on Instagram yesterday. “MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN THE UK IS TOMORROW! PLEASE GET OUT, VOTE and in the nicest way possible… please don’t vote for the fucking Tories #VoteLabour.” The singer also shared an IG Story – seemingly a repost – that read: “Don’t vote based on policies or justifications that will ONLY benefit you. Vote as if you didn’t have your current privileges, whatever they may be. Which manifesto would you support then? That is the only way to vote and respect the rights of ALL members of society.” “Be The One” to vote Labour, amirite?