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Polly Nor
Polly Norvia @creativity4change

Creativity4Change is the IG art collective telling you to register to vote

The collective is using art to encourage young people to make their voice heard – and to vote Labour

As the midnight deadline rapidly approaches, there has been a huge spike reported in the number of young people that are registering to vote. With it looking increasingly likely that young person turnout will determine the outcome of this election, celebrities, creatives, and influencers have been taking to Twitter and Instagram in order to spread the message of voter registration. Only yesterday, following social media posts from grime MC Stormzy and YouTuber KSI, voter registration surged by 350,000 people – the highest in a single day this electoral campaign. 

One group that’s hoping to channel this energy is Creativity4Change. An Instagram collective comprised of over 48 different artists, Creativity4Change is encouraging people to not only register to vote – but to vote Labour.

“I’ve always been really interested in the power of art and imagery to incite social change,” says Ione Gamble, founder of Polyester zine and co-founder of Creativity4Change. After launching last week, the group have amassed over 3,000 followers on Instagram, with the likes of artists Joy Yamusangie, Paloma Smith, and Hattie Stewart all having submitted works.

Explaining the motivation behind this campaign, artist and co-founder Polly Nor said: “We believe voting in this election is more important than ever because for the first time in our voting lives we are being offered a really clear choice. We can’t just sit back and let the Conservatives and their racist, sexist, homophobic leader continue to destroy the lives of ordinary, working people.”

Now, the collective is encouraging people to get involved and submit their own shareable artwork by using the hashtag #WantChangeVoteLabour and tagging @creativity4change. “The speed at which the creative community has rallied around the call for submissions to create work has really astounded me,” Gamble said. “It’s so amazing to see so many people come together under a united cause and I hope it’s an indication of what can be done in this election if we all go out and vote!” 

Registration for voting closes tonight at 11:59, register here if you haven’t already. Follow Creativity4Change here