Toppled Colston statue
Art & PhotographyHow to make a monument that stands the test of time
Ithell Colquhoun, Unbound booklet titled ‘Bonsoir’ (1939)
Art & PhotographyUnearthing the hidden history of magic and the occult in British art
Katy Hessel (C) Luke Fullalove
Art & PhotographyRead this book if you can’t name more than 10 women artists
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Art & PhotographySkepta is a painter now
Pablo Picasso self-portrait with AI
Art & PhotographyAI is reshaping creativity, and maybe that’s a good thing
Art & PhotographyThe death of obscenity: how sex lost the power to provoke
Carolee Schneemann, “Meat Joy” (1964)
Art & PhotographyFive radical works by pioneering artist Carolee Schneemann
Artefacts from the ancient kingdom of Benin horniman
Art & PhotographyLondon’s Horniman Museum is returning 72 looted artefacts to Nigeria
Art & PhotographyNan Goldin & Jenny Holzer feature in new exhibition about women’s pleasure
Sedrick Chisom 2021005 Medusa Wandered the Wetlands of the C
Art & PhotographySedrick Chisom’s paintings imagine a world that Black people have vacated
Matthew Griffin, Pickle (2022)
Art & PhotographyThis artist is selling a single McDonald’s pickle for £5,000
Frida Kahlo, subject of a new Broadway musical
Art & PhotographyFrida Kahlo, the Musical: the Broadway show that nobody asked for
Art & PhotographyInside the far right’s growing obsession with art
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Art & PhotographyArt shows to leave the house for this July
Lina Iris Viktor
Art & PhotographyInside the new exhibition exploring sci-fi, myth and Afrofuturism
Joey Holder
Science & TechThe worlds of technology and magic are closer than you think
Leda Sadotti, “Beautified AI”, Open Space (2022)
Art & PhotographySix emerging AR artists to put on your radar now
Pinky Promise, 2022
Art & PhotographySasha Gordon’s self-portraits are designed to make you uncomfortable
Marc Vallée, “Lloyd and Jamie”, London (1998)
Art & PhotographyMarc Vallée’s photographs of 90s London art students
Coyote Park, “The Strap” (2021)
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition explores the complexity of desire
Yayoi Kusama
Art & PhotographyYayoi Kusama wants YOU to help create her new artwork
Labour of Love (2022)
Art & PhotographyThese photos explore love, sex and creativity in queer relationships
Art & PhotographyU OK mon? Mona Lisa gets caked by a climate activist
Art & PhotographyThe British Museum is still refusing to return the Parthenon sculptures