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Vote Labour
Hussein Mitha

The Dazed point of view: Vote Labour

We must change everything – which is why descriptions of Labour’s manifesto as ‘radical’ are inaccurate, it’s simply necessary

People say it’s the hope that kills you. They’re wrong. It’s what keeps you alive.

The 2010s are drawing to a close, and with their passing comes an opportunity for radical change after a decade of austerity under a callous Conservative Party whose reign has seen people get poorer, people be blamed for getting poorer, and a country more divided than ever. The biggest trick the state ever pulled was convincing the people that none of this was the government’s fault – instead, the blame should lie with the person you walk past on the street.

Labour’s manifesto is a vision for a new world and a new life for everyone. A focus on the NHS, affordable housing, scrapping university tuition fees, broadband for all, and a green industrial revolution, all outline ways in which our society and future can be improved immeasurably. All we’re hearing from the Conservatives is the mantra “Get Brexit Done”, in a desperate ploy to make this a single-issue general election, and a tactic that only offers economic fractures. More of the same, yet somehow worse.

The Tory agenda is one that prioritises an individual’s wealth over collective unity and security. We simply cannot afford to live like this anymore. There is no time. Without a unified effort to arrest the climate crisis, all of this will be pointless. 

Out canvassing for Labour in Kensington last weekend, I stood in a borough of London separated and divided in many ways, but predominantly by wealth. Every day in this city I am reminded of the cruelty that has been allowed to flourish – whether that’s people sleeping under the gilded doors of company office blocks in November, families queuing at foodbanks before Christmas, or people wrongly deported from their homes. 

Even those not facing immediate hardships such as these are still beaten down by other government-enforced indignities. You may have paid hundreds of pounds for a box room, dealing with a landlord who won’t fix your heating. You may be struggling to pay bills with a full-time job. The country must be reset in order to create an environment in which art, creativity and expression can thrive again.

We must change everything – which is why descriptions of Labour’s manifesto as “radical” are inaccurate, it’s simply necessary.

This decade of Tory rule will not be remembered kindly in the history books, but change is coming. The Conservatives know it too. This election on December 12, there is a chance to rally, to campaign, to vote for the chance of a different country. This general election, vote Labour.

This article was originally published on October 25 2019.