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Teenage girl tweets from her fridge
Via Twitter @thankunext327

A teenage girl goes viral after supposedly tweeting from her fridge

A stone cold (probably fake) legend

They can take our phones but they will never take our ability to tweet. After one teenage girl had her electronics confiscated by her mum, she utilised a variety of unusual appliances to keep her Twitter active, including... her fridge.

On August 8, someone who claims to be ‘Dorothy’ tweeted: “I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again.” Twitter shows the source to be from an ‘LG Smart Refrigerator’.

Looking back through Dorothy’s timeline, the teen also tweeted from her Nintendo DS and Wii console, with her mum even seemingly discovering her Machiavellian maneuvers and threatening to shut down her Twitter completely.

Dorothy – who runs an Ariana Grande stan account – tweeted again from her fridge after her initial post went viral, writing: “I don’t know how I got this much support thank you so much to my supporters and @twitter this is crazy I would be lost without you and given up. I’m trying to get my things back fast so I can thank you properly!”

Twitter even replied: “We have faith you’ll find a smart toilet to tweet from if you need to.” 

The idea of a teen standing in their kitchen tweeting out loud to the fridge (“Mom’s a bitch send tweet”) is both amazing and terrifying. It’s also a sure fire way to never get your electronics back IMO. 

We should remain skeptical in this situation though, as this one Reddit thread shows, it’s actually pretty easy to edit the source of your tweets – from the ‘LG Smart Refrigerator’ to ‘Gucci Smarttoilet’. A spokesperson from LG also confirmed to Buzzfeed that its fridges don’t currently have the Twitter app, but do have a web browser. Nice try Dorothy.