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JW Anderson AW23 menswear
Photography Jamie-Maree Shipton

JW Anderson wants £500 for a go on his puffy pillows

Are you a honk shoo or a honk mi mi mi?

JW Anderson is tired out! 

Having propelled Loewe to the top spot of hottest brand in the world right now, and turned out countless hit accessories via his namesake brand – the sell-out pigeon bag and froggy Wellipets footwear just a couple of recent faves among fashion fans – the Irish designer is unsurprisingly in need of a rest. And so, to remedy exactly that, he’s just dropped what’s sure to be another viral hit, in the form of a soft, fluffy white pillow, which doubles as a capacious clutch.

First seen as part of Anderson’s AW23 menswear show in January, models clutched the cushions to their body as they paraded down the runway in their pants. It was, as they say, a big mood, with the Milanese weather outside the venue making a great case for a duvet day. But it wasn’t just Anderson seemingly dreaming of getting his head down this season: at Prada, Mrs P and Raf also put forward plush pillows fashioned into cosy cocooned bombers and gilets.

Where many avant-garde items like the pillow in question stay on the runway and never make it to the point of production, in the hands of Anderson, everything is fair game – which is why you can now find the plastic-wrapped item on the JW Anderson shopping site for just shy of £500. A big price tag, yes, and there’s no denying it looks extremely similar to the kind of thing you’d pick up on your average trip to IKEA, but given the designer’s Midas touch for turning weirdo accessories into the most covetable fashion items going, it’s highly likely this will be another sellout. So tell us: are you a honk shoo, or a honk mi mi mi?

Revisit the full collection in the gallery above.