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PZWorld Wedding
PZWorld WeddingIDEA publishing

PZWorld Wedding is a bridal magazine dragged up from the depths of hell

The wedding book for the darkest of times

From bridesmaid dresses modelled by iconic it-girl and horrible boy Harry Freegard and an engagement ring hidden inside a chicken nugget box, to a ‘tropical heaven jumbo cold cut platter’ presented in the shape of a dolphin, designer and artist PZ Opassuksatit is back with a new project – which, this time, is wedding-themed and centred around some of the most cursed images of holy matrimony ever to be found on the internet. 

Describing it as something ‘you do not expect but already see in everyday life’, PZWorld Wedding is the follow-up to PZWorld, an Argos catalogue come Amazon wishlist from your weirdest and wildest dreams. Featuring a dog made out of porcelain salad leaves, a pile of socks, and everything in-between, the publication, released by IDEA, sold out basically immediately when it was released last year. 

Picking up where that left off, PZWorld Wedding is like a bridal magazine dragged up from the depths of hell. Inside its pages lurls a 2-in-1 chair which can be worn as a dress, and a double toilet for you and your partner aptly titled ‘share my whole life with you chair’, because what could be more romantic? Elsewhere, there is a pendant filled with rice, and a necktie which can be switched from ‘single’ which is embossed on the front, to ‘taken’, which is written on the back – one of Opassuksatit’s personal favourites.  

“It's very nonsensical,” she explains. “When you first see it you're like, what the fuck is that. You know, it's like, kind of shocking. That's the reaction I would love the audience to get.” 

Inspired by her sister's wedding, PZWorld Wedding is built for individual interpretation. “I think people who read the book will have their own mind,” she says. “I wanted people to have the freedom to think like ‘okay what am I going to do with that?’ I want people to get into the universe and then make it themselves. It depends on what you want to get. It's very abstract”, she says, laughing. 

A comment on consumerism or just for fun, whichever way you take it, PZWorld Wedding is brilliantly sinister. The Argos catalogue for a generation for whom the lines between irony and authenticity become more and more blurred every day, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate wedding guide for the darkest of times.

PZWorld Wedding will launch at Comme des Garçons Trading Museum on September 25th during Paris Fashion Week. It will also be available on IDEA