Making it up as you go along: Harry Freegard

Find out WTF the fashion extraordinaire is talking about in the fourth episode of Making It Up As You Go Along

Harry Freegard, also known by his Instagram moniker @harrie.bradshaw, is the self-described London ‘It Girl’ flouting fashion’s sense of self-importance. Since launching himself down the runway on a scooter in a pink slip dress at his CSM graduate show, Freegard has built a reputation for his distinct brand of avant-garde raucousness. “It’s all about laughing with fashion and encouraging fashion to laugh at itself,“ he told Dazed previously. 

This week, the stylist, photographer and creative director brings his irreverent humour to Making It Up As Go Along, the YouTube series where we give artists a box filled with random topics to pick out and discuss, no matter what their knowledge on the subject is. Rarely is Freegard spotted without his trademark technicolor hair, bold make-up, and ‘going out, out‘ hun-attire, and this latest episode of our YouTube series is no exception: he's fully dressed for the occasion in a paisley-patterned sequin dress and a freshly-dyed pink coiffure, naturally.

Previous episodes have seen Lil Nas X talking memes and yeehaw culture, drag queen Crystal Rasmussen getting real on the Olsen twins and supposedly being BFFs with Beyoncé, and last week, Doja Cat spilled on her unlikely crush on Kermit the Frog. Freegard continues the nonsensical chat, covering all manner of topics, ranging from throwing up grapes and Playboy to LGBT sandwiches and Pamela Anderson.

Watch Freegard prove he has both style and substance in our latest episode of Making It Up As You Go Along. Next week we’ll be putting ex RuPaul contestant and K-pop drag superstar Soju to the test, as she discusses all things Mariah Carey, tantra and going straight for Lucy Liu. Stay tuned to find out WTF she’s talking about.