Watch drag queen Crystal Rasmussen chat vampires, sex, and the Olsen twins

It’s the second episode of our Making It Up As You Go Along series – so WTF is Crystal talking about?

There is a moment in Crystal Rasmussen’s new drag show, casually named The Bible 2, where – between singing some vintage Kylie numbers and reading heartwarming passages from her memoir – Crystal writhes around in a paddling pool full of fake sperm, in a manner much like Christina Milian in the “Dip It Low” video. It’s an iconic drag moment in a show that is one part glam, one part emotional, and one part gloriously cheap erotica. 

We thought that such a perfect recipe of glamour and mess made Crystal the ideal candidate to take part in our new video series, Making It Up As You Go Along, in which we ask our favourite people to chat shit on topics pulled out of the Dazed box. For 60 seconds, they have to wax lyrical on the subject of their choice, literally making it up as they go.

Last time, rapper and Dazed cover star Lil Nas X took the hot seat, discussing everything from memes – which he describes as “the greatest things ever to touch humanity” – to his own family.

Now, in episode two, Crystal – the writer Tom Rasmussen’s drag alter ego – tells us about how she invented football, how she is best friends with Beyoncé, and the importance of Sudocreme. Watch as she thinks on her snakeskin booted-feet when we put her to the test, asking: how much does this queen really know about pop culture?

Soon, we'll be inviting the likes of Doja Cat and drag queen superstar Soju to talk more rubbish with us, so keep an eye out for future episodes of Making It Up As You Go Along.


Featuring: Tom/ Crystal Rasmussen
Director and commissioner: Bec Evans
Producer: Sherlene Ding
DOP: Ray Miller-Davis
Gaffer: Joe Taylor
Second camera: Julia Brown
Sound: Chris Gomersall
Make-up artist: Marielle Mata
Editors: Clémentine Bartaud, Scarlett Bovingdon and Hols Cooper
Colourist and production assistant: Julia Stakhorska
Title graphics: Amitay Leopold
Series concept: Bec Evans, Ahmad Swaid and Thomas Gorton