Amelia Abraham

Managing Editor, Dazed Beauty

lick club photo chanel moye
Life & CultureHow do you keep a queer club queer?
Honey Dijon Ricardo Gomes
MusicHoney Dijon on whether dance music can save us
Pain and Glory
Film & TVPedro Almodóvar discusses drugs, Penélope Cruz and not understanding camp
Anna Drezen Okay Get Home Safe
Life & CultureAnna Drezen is the comic and former Reductress editor obsessed with murder
Catherine Cohen Image
Life & CultureCat Cohen is the #nofilter New York comic making sex and neurosis hilarious
butch women lesbian gay lgbtq jess kohl
MasculinityPretty butch: masculinity doesn’t just belong to men
daniel sallstrom kristin-lee moolman drag make-up artist
MasculinityDaniel Sällström talks wigs, tucking, and reclaiming crossdressing
Donna Trope
Body30 years on from The Beauty Myth we ask Naomi Wolf 'what's changed?'
MusicShura on her new album Forevher, a celebration of queer love
Crystal Rasmussen, Making it up as you go along
Life & CultureWatch drag queen Crystal Rasmussen chat vampires, sex, and the Olsen twins
Maggie Nelson
Life & CultureExploring the cult appeal of Maggie Nelson with the writer herself
dating apps illustration
Science & TechWhat is the future of dating apps?
Science & TechInstagram and WhatsApp are changing their names
Thomas Ravens
Art & PhotographyAn Afrofuturism exhibition is being criticised for excluding black artists
Yu Ji-tae oldboy
Film & TVThe story of the fashion in neo-noir cult classic Oldboy
roshaante trans intersex model activist harley weir
BodyModel and YouTuber Roshaante Anderson talks trans and intersex visibility
netflix the great hack
Film & TVThis is how your data is still being harvested
Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.29.42
Film & TVThe sick world of incels: men who feel rejected so turn to revenge
Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 18.02.37
MusicBardia Zeinali directs Ariana Grande’s new video for ‘in my head’
get a drip
BodyI got a vitamin drip in the middle of Westfield Shopping Centre
Life & CultureWhy lesbians and trans people marched in solidarity at Pride In London
Kiss My Genders, Hayward Gallery 2019
Art & PhotographyPhotographers creating work through the queer gaze
Wyatt Harms
HeadBeauty Spot: Voices4's looks from New York's Queer Liberation March
Urban Decay
HeadShould we be annoyed at beauty brands marketing off Pride?