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Courtesy of PZ Opassuksatit and IDEA

PZWORLD is the Amazon-esque wish list of our weirdest and wildest dreams

This book gives you the chance to peek at Virgil Abloh, Kim Chi, and Ava Nirui’s fantasy shopping lists

Ever wanted to get your hands on a “Realistic Salad Dog” or a “Human Hair Phone Case”. Look no further than PZWORLD, the latest offering from IDEA and Paris-based designer and imagination extraordinaire, PZ Opassuksatit.

In short, it’s the weirdest and wildest Amazon-esque wishlist that one could only dream of; a place where the shopkeepers are listed as Virgil AblohAva NiruiMartine Rose, and more.

“Imagine PZWORLD as a small village,” Opassuksatit says of the 80-page book. “I chose each person to represent a different field within that village.” Having sent dozens of requests to her favourite collaborators and creative minds, Opassuksatit then asked each person for six images of their favourite items – real or imagined – and compiled them as shopping cart pages. “As you can see”, she motions, “they’re all absolutely insane.”

With 55 contributors coming on board, the process of the book has been a lot to take on. However, Opassuksatit reveals that it was also incredibly rewarding. Recalling a moment when she reached out to Drag Race star, Kim Chi, she says: “I don’t know her personally, but she is my all time favourite drag queen. I follow her hilarious Instagram stories about food, so I sent her a mail asking for six images or dishes under the category of ‘Kim Chi’s Kitchen’ as if they were ones she’d be serving from her kitchen. She replied the next morning!”

“They’re all absolutely insane” – PZ Opassuksatit 

“Every email was like opening a Pandora's box... I didn’t know whether people would say yes or no or what images they’d choose. So every email that came in, I screamed.”

While, admittedly, none of these items “are necessary”, Opassuksatit makes a good point that “what’s not necessary, always turns out to be the most necessary”.

While most of the products will sadly remain confined to the pages of PZWORLD, a selection of them will actually be for sale IRL when the book launches on the 1st of October, 5-7pm, during Paris Fashion Week at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum. If you can’t make the event, then the artist has made a karaoke version of PZWORLD to ensure everyone is involved. Watch below.

More details on the launch here