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Meet the man behind those unofficial Off-White condoms

Stay “SAFE” kids

It’s official, fashion bootlegs aren’t going anywhere. While you might remember we coined 2016 the year of the bootleg, 2017 has seen it go one step further with meta bootlegged bootleg moments like Gucci’s homage to Dapper Dan and ‘Guccy’ sweatshirts to Ava Nirui’s Marc Jacobs collab. And just when you thought it was over with, it has re-emerged again.

Unless you’ve been scrolling in the right place on Instagram, you probably will have missed some could-it-be-real-please-be-real items on @mikadololo’s account. Think Supreme x Louis Vuitton boxing gloves, ice lollies and even a hookah. Or the lesser known collaboration between Supreme and Dominos (sorry, fake news). The newest to join this group of fashion bootlegs is an Off-White-branded condom.

Emblazoned with the brand’s logo and the word “SAFE” in the label’s signature double quote marks, you can almost believe it being something it would create. And what better way to stop the spread of STI’s among hypebeast fuccbois than via the (unofficial) message of Virgil Abloh?

Here, we chat with creator Mikaël Barelaud Eludut about the fashion bootlegs that you’ll no doubt be desperate to get your hands on.

Can you tell us about what you do?

Mikaël Barelaud Eludut: I’m a 29-year-old graphic designer based in Monaco, working for an international food company creating adverts and packaging design. I learned graphic design after high school but I’ve always been passionate about graphic design, art, and obviously streetwear culture.

How did you start creating fashion bootleg collaborations?

Mikaël Barelaud Eludut: I started two years ago with a series of characters from Family Guy wearing Yeezy’s Season 1 collection. It was the first time I published my personal artwork on Instagram but it created some buzz. From there, I moved from drawing to photo manipulation, trying to make concept but with a realistic aspect, like ‘how would an F1 car look if the team were fashion brand?’

Where do you look for inspiration?

Mikaël Barelaud Eludut: From fashion, streetwear and hip hop. I’m always looking for what would be the next trend. I don’t really search for anything in particular, just things I’m passionate about.

How did you come up with the Off-White condom?

Mikaël Barelaud Eludut: I saw this Off-White “Plastic Cup” and I knew I could do something with that, so I tried it with a condom, trying to do something funny. First I wanted to put “RAINCOAT” on it, but then I changed it to “SAFE” so everybody could understand.

Do you have plans to collaborate with brands and create the items officially?

Mikaël Barelaud Eludut: I really would like to and it’s my plan to get closer to these hype brands. I’d love for the Domino’s x Supreme collab I’ve created to be made IRL.