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Artist @avanope teams up with Marc Jacobs

The bootlegger was inspired by fake designer pieces sold in New York

ICYMI, bootlegs aren’t going anywhere. While it was 2016 that was the official year of the bootleg – thanks to Alessandro Michele’s real-fake Gucci logo tees and brands like Vetememes – that doesn’t mean the trend hasn’t continued to dominate 2017.

The latest item you’ll want to get your hands on comes courtesy of writer and bootlegger Ava Nirui, who has teamed up with Marc Jacobs on a new one-piece collection. A surprise for her as she was “making fake Marc Jacobs a year ago,” according to her Instagram post. Nirui has become known on IG for bootleg items she designs and sources like a Louis Vuitton-print inhaler or Prada basketball. 

After being approached by Jacobs’ team to make a one item collection, she came up with the idea of misspelling the designer’s name on the hoodie. “The team informed me that people often misspell ‘Marc Jacobs’ and I was thrilled as that played into the narrative,” Nirui told us. “The spelling and est. date are so close to being correct, but not quite.”

Taking inspiration from fake high-end pieces that she sees on Canal Street in New York, the scrawled writing looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie but is actually embroidered. “Marc Jacobs and the team were extremely open-minded and trusting of me, it was very rewarding working with them.”

The Ava Nirui & Marc Jacobs hoodie will be available on December 4.