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Someone made a toilet from £15k worth of Louis Vuitton bags

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Have you ever wondered what £15k worth of Louis Vuitton handbags would look like broken down and reconstructed into a toilet? Of course you have! But if you’re struggling to imagine what it might look like, it’s your lucky day because artist Illma Gore has created a golden toilet made entirely from LV bags. Not that anybody asked... 

The artist – who is known for creating that naked Trump portrait (complete with micropenis) – created the fully-functional toilet for online retailer Tradesy and it is currently on sale in LA for £76,000. Unfortunately the toilet does not come with LV-branded toilet roll, but you could probably use a couple of 100 dollar bills if you’ve got money to fork out on it. 

“I personally love the idea of what it felt like to cut up a $2000 bag,” Gore said on creating the toilet. “The urge to destroy is just the same as a creative urge.” Gore’s other items available on the site include an LV-monogram bust of Abraham Lincoln and a Gucci-print missile – because what else could you possibly need for your house?