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Ashley Williams Beats
Photography by Alec McLeish, styling by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, illustration by Liana Sophia Ever

Ashley Williams has Kitschmas wrapped up

The Dazed 100 star and London designer shows us how she prepares to kitsch out over the festive season

Earlier this year Ashley Williams presented her SS15 solo show; a zingy, Asian influenced riot that encapsulated young London street style, with nods to the 1990s acid grunge looks of Garbage’s Shirley Manson and Saffron from Republica. Less Cyberdog and more Cyberpuppy, the collection’s prints were designed by Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell – the man behind the iconic logo for PΔLΔCE, the skate company founded by Lev Tanju. Bucking the trend for minimalism, the Dazed 100 designer is injecting her signature pop sensibility into London’s fashion scene. With a trademark style that is all about sparkles, eye-popping colour and hard-edged cutesiness, she’s the perfect candidate to deliver Dazed x Beats’ guide to the ultimate Kitschmas.


This year I got some stuff from a carboot sale – but obviously you have to be really selective. I got a really nice old globe for someone and some really nice 1950s piggy banks in the shape of bananas and one is in the shape of cheese and has a little hole with mice sticking their heads out of it. Car boot sales are a good place to buy presents – I went to the one on Stoke Newington Road and picked up things from there. It has lots of things that just cost a pound and are really good. Buy some bare hairclips – you can literally stick anything to them! I’ve stuck little toys out of crackers onto them. You just use normal self-adhesive glue. Or you could draw on scraps of fabric and make napkins!


I plan to be in my PJ’s at my mum’s house all of Christmas Day, but I'm going out on Christmas Eve so will dress up then in heels and a dress with a fur coat and one of my animal bags. I'll just do my hair natural like I always do but might put some sparkly clips in it. Then, for slobbing out in front of the telly, it’ll be back to PJ’s again with a dressing gown and slippers by the fire.


I’m not mad on Christmas songs so some nice jazz music or Miles Davis is a good alternative as some of his songs still feel very festive. Michael Jackson is always good to listen to when its cold but you want to have a good time.


I’ve got some skeleton and eyeball earrings – I’ll be putting some of them on the tree. You’ve got to have a real tree – that’s very important. It smells good and adds to the experience of Christmas. Maybe some loo roll around it would be quite nice! I saw someone put a statue of Divine from Female Trouble (1974) on top of the tree instead of an angel – that’s quite a good idea too. Lots of fairy lights too. One day I really want my whole house covered Santa shaped lights – kind of like the Stella McCartney shop.


Pineapple and cheese toothpicks are always nice. Just loads of cheese – all of the kinds of cheese! As many cheeses as possible!


Wine and champagne. You can mix the champagne with other stuff depending on the time of day. If all else fails, I’ll just have a Shirley Temple.