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Inspired to live his life so he could “do the least boring stuff possible like jobs and just skate everyday”, London entrepreneur Tanju has transformed the face of streetwear with Palace Skateboards. With an iconic logo designed by Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell, the brand is now crossing even more firmly into fashion thanks to collabs with the likes of Reebok, Umbro and adidas Originals. “I kinda know all the people I want to work with that fit with what we do,” Tanju explains. “When it comes about, we just stick to our guns and do what we want, really.” Check out our guide to his best collaborations, official and otherwise, below.

Palace x Umbro

In 2012, Palace expanded beyond skatewear and joined forces with Umbro to create a collection inspired by 90s England football shirts. “I don’t think anyone saw this thing coming, and that’s what I set out to do. Surprise, bitches!”

Palace x Reebok Classic

In 2013, Palace collaborated with Reebok to design their own version of the ultimate British trainer: “We’re proud to be a proper English skate company, and Workouts and Classics are true staples of English footwear. I love them and I’ve always worn them.”

Palace x adidas Originals

Using classic pieces from adidas Originals combined with their own take on 90s sportswear, Palace designed a collaboration range with the brand earlier this year that saw them making major waves on both sides of the Atlantic.

Palace x Versace

Versace are so used to being appropriated that MIA even designed a collection for the brand based around it. Donatella might not have approved Palace’s interpretation of the iconic Medusa head, but Rihanna’s on board.

Palace x Chanel 

For another of their less legitimately endorsed partnerships, Leo Fitzpatrick models Palace’s take on Chanel. 

Twitter: @palacelondon | Instagram: @palaceskateboards

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