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Ashley Williams SS15 in London Dazed Lea Colombo
Ashley Williams SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Ashley Williams SS15

Williams's girl kicks ass in Asian dress subverted by skater graphics, scrawled illustrations and rubber braiding

Initial reaction:

Trust Ashley Williams to bring the noise – for her hotly anticipated first solo show too. Illustrative schoolgirl scrawls adorned Asian-inspired garments, with one skirt depicting a girl receiving a sharp kick to the butt by a stiletto...! Amid the blur of fashion week seriousness, Williams’s cheeky graphics and irreverent concepts remind us what makes London – and the exciting new designers that underpin it – so great. 

Kick ass:

A teenage rebellion tore through traditional collarless Chinese dress (inspired by the West’s fascination with Asia in the 1960s), as curled braiding came reworked in acid coloured rubber, and grungy long sleeve t-shirts with ‘zurburbz’ printed down the arms were worn underneath – prints courtesy of an ongoing collaboration with Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell (the mastermind behind the Palace skate logo). Williams’s girl throws glitter bras over scrunched tops, streaks her eyes with neon colour and leaves sticky strands of hair falling over her face – basically, she kicks ass.

Quote of the show:

Dazed contributor, Susie Bubble exclaiming that her “Dim sum waitress dreams had come true.”

Listen to the Ashley Williams's show soundtrack below: