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Paul Smith-9626

Paul Smith AW14

A psychedelic haze of carpet coats, exotic print and dishevelled sixties musician layers

Initial reaction:

Jim Morrison on holiday in the Caribbean: dark, sexy musicians from the era of hazy psychedelia, in flamingo print.


A circular show space under an elaborate globe window inside the Bourse de Commerce, mismatched rugs and carpets laid on the floor giving the atmosphere of a souk. The same carpet patterns were eluded to in the Paul Smith British Collection during LC:M.

How they wore it:

A little disheveled in loose layers, with long unbrushed hair and engulfing scarves. Chukka boots were printed in carpet style, while charm chain necklaces felt like traveller market buys.

Stand out look:

Carpet coats printed with music notes, camels and Arabian pattern. A grey jacket was printed with black animal illustrations, while another jacket came dripping in aqua sequins from the shoulders. A shirt printed with hazy palm trees came paired with tie-dye trousers.


An ode to The Doors: 

“The Soft Parade” by The Doors
“Soul Kitchen” by The Doors
“Touch Me by The Doors