Josh Aronson, Tropicana
Art & PhotographyThese photographs depict the gentle and free spirited youth of Florida
Maurizio Cattelan banana t-shirt
Art & PhotographyMaurizio Cattelan’s banana taped to a wall is being sold on t-shirts
Kanye West, Sunday Service
MusicAnother Kanye West opera, titled Mary, is on the way
The Zola stripper film is finally here
Film & TVSex, murder, and a near-suicide: the Zola stripper film is finally here
david hogg
PoliticsA prank caller sent armed police to gun activist David Hogg’s house
Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.24.12
PoliticsNRA trolls share fake photo of Emma Gonzalez ripping the constitution
Round Table Artwork MW v06
PoliticsNine teenagers explain why they’re joining the fight against guns
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.16.33
PoliticsThis student was the only one in his school to walk out in anti-gun protest
PoliticsA Republican candidate labels Emma Gonzalez a ‘skinhead lesbian’
Gun worship
Life & CultureAn American church held a weird gun-loving ceremony with AR-15 rifles
gun control
PoliticsParkland shooting survivor won’t return to school until gun control passes
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.29.54
PoliticsTrump’s answer to gun violence is more guns
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.22.45
PoliticsTeen gun control activists stage die-in outside of the White House
The Florida Project Sean Baker
Film & TVThe Florida Project’s Sean Baker will explore US opioid crisis in new film
Film & TVRanked: The best ten films of 2017
Club Blu
Arts+CultureShooting reported at teen party in Florida nightclub
orlando vigil
Arts+CultureGay Russian couple arrested for Orlando tribute in Moscow
omar mateen
Arts+CultureOrlando shooter was a regular at the gay club he attacked
Matt Lambert
Arts+Culture#TwoMenKissing hashtag reacts to the Orlando attack
Arts+CultureOwen Jones walks off Sky News after Orlando coverage review
Mile O' Mud by Malcolm Lightner
PhotographyCapturing the teen queens and swamp buggies of Florida
dolphin lover
Arts+CultureThe man who had sex with a dolphin
Hari Nef
Arts+CultureHari Nef calls for end to violence against black trans women
Trans toilets
Arts+CultureFlorida law to ban trans people from choosing bathrooms