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Courtesy of NOWNESS

This short film honours South Florida’s Black and Indigenous communities

Created by NOWNESS in collaboration with experiential arts venue Superblue, Every Step Is a Prayer brings awareness to these communities’ voices amid erasure from mainstream culture

In May, experiential arts centre Superblue opened in Miami, Florida, opening space for subversive artists documenting the pressing issues of our time and providing new perspectives on life. Now – in celebration of its opening – the centre has joined up with NOWNESS to create a new short film, Every Step Is a Prayer

Directed by Cara Stricker, the techno-surrealist film depicts Miami’s Black and Indigenous communities, which exist in the surrounding areas of Superblue. With visuals documenting the relationship between nature and humans, the film guides us to consider the Miccosukee and Seminole peoples’ ancestors – past, present, and future – who continue to protect and build the area, as well as the communities’ cultural impact on South Florida.

According to Stricker, the film ties the “physical to the intangible, to share underlying universal truths of the transition between this world and the next. Bringing awareness of the communities’ voices in relation to our body, breath, technology, and nature”. 

Created closely with community members, activists, and organisers, the film also draws inspiration from Liberation work, Miccosukee symbology, somatic healing, Black and Indigenous futurism, and Maroonage – each combining to share joys of the vibrant Black and Indigenous communities amid violence and erasure from mainstream culture. 

“We honour the value of other knowledge systems, and encourage you to take action by respecting and uplifting Indigenious environmental priorities, traditional ecological knowledge, the arts, and the insights gained through science, research, and personal experience to ensure a thriving future for the next seven generations,” states the film. 

What Every Step Is a Prayer by NOWNESS below.