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A Florida teen was arrested for hacking her school’s Homecoming Queen vote

The 17-year-old and her mum attempted to cheat the election, submitting 250 false votes

In the UK, we don’t have a Homecoming celebration at the end of high school (instead we have an ‘after prom’ campout with WKDs and White Lightning), so it’s hard to understand the desperation that many American teens feel when it comes to the accolate of Homecoming Queen or King. That is, until a 17-year-old in Florida got herself arrested while trying to cheat her school’s vote and claim the title.

Emily Rose Grover and her mum, Laura Rose Caroll, are both facing various felonies after hacking into students’ online accounts and submitting 250 false votes for Grover to become Homecoming Queen.

According to The Independent, the charges follow a month-long investigation into the vote after the school reported fraudulent activity on their systems. Law enforcement found that 117 votes had been cast from the same IP address, while 246 votes were placed from accounts accessed via computers inside Grover’s house, as well as on Caroll’s phone.

Among both Grover and Caroll’s charges are unlawful use of two-way communications and criminal use of personal identifiable information. It was found that Caroll had opened 372 student records, 339 of which were from Grover’s school. As Grover turned 18 in April, she’ll be tried as an adult, meaning the pair each face up to 16 years in prison.

After foul play was discovered, Grover had her crown rescinded and was expelled from school. Harsh IMO, as Grover displayed ingenuity, determination, and pretty slick tech skills – all key qualities of a Queen.