Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning is releasing a tell-all memoir this year
Life & CultureAre Grimes and Chelsea Manning... dating?
Film & TVBarbie Ferreira’s OG Euphoria cat mask is up for auction
Chelsea Manning, Dazed
PoliticsChelsea Manning shares her first message since being released from jail
Chelsea Manning, Dazed
PoliticsA judge has ordered Chelsea Manning’s release from jail
Chelsea Manning for Dazed
PoliticsNewly freed Chelsea Manning thanks her supporters: ‘it keeps me going’
Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning has finally been freed from prison
Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning: ‘nothing will convince me to testify’
Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsHeartfelt notes to Chelsea Manning: ‘Please stay strong in your struggle’
Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning supporters condemn her time in solitary confinement
Chelsea Manning
PoliticsChelsea Manning has been jailed for refusing to testify against Wikileaks
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5 writing to trans prisoners
Life & CultureThe radical importance of writing letters to trans people in prison
Mirha Edit3
Art & PhotographyThe forgotten legacy of trans artist and activist Mirha Soleil-Ross
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Science & TechI’m a trans woman – here’s why algorithms scare me
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Science & TechIf AI is truly the future, it needs to learn to see non-binary people
4 Trans prison
PoliticsCeCe McDonald on how the prison industrial complex traps black trans women
3 Prison Riot
PoliticsWhy we must remember the Attica prison riot of 1971
PoliticsChelsea Manning selects seven activists for Dazed
Beauty newsChelsea Manning is Dazed's new cover star
Chelsea Manning - spring 2019
PoliticsChelsea Manning: ‘Activism is not tweeting’
Chelsea Manning in her first public appearance at the ICA
PoliticsNine key points from Chelsea Manning’s first UK appearance
Chelsea Manning
PoliticsChelsea Manning is making her first UK public appearance
Chelsea Manning
PoliticsYouTube has listed Chelsea Manning’s campaign video as inappropriate