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Drake and Anna Wintour
Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Drake casts Anna Wintour as a zombie death troll from hell in his tour

The rapper’s It’s All a Blur tour with 21 Savage features a rotting rendition of the Vogue editor-in-chief, continuing their ongoing feud

The visuals for Drake and 21 Savage’s It’s All a Blur tour have been... interesting, ranging from giant inflatable sperm, to giant UFOs, to a hologram of Drake’s younger self (a visual metaphor that wouldn’t seem out of place in the rapper’s debut poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream of Consciousness). During a recent stop of the tour, though, they outdid themselves with a “monstrous” take on Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Displayed during Drake and 21 Savage’s 2022 collab “Jimmy Cooks”, the hellish hologram featured a likeness of Wintour – complete with her black sunglasses and signature bob – only her skin is wrinkled and her laugh exposes a gaping maw filled with rotten teeth, as if she’s taken one too many trips through TikTok’s old age filter.

Drake fans who captured footage from the show were quick to point out that his feud with Wintour dates back to the rollout of the two rappers’ joint album Her Loss back in November 2022. After creating fake Vogue covers to promote the record, the pair were hit with a lawsuit by the magazine’s publisher, Condé Nast. 

According to Billboard, the lawsuit was settled in February this year, with an agreement that includes a permanent injunction barring any further use of Condé Nast’s Vogue trademarks, and the payment of an undisclosed sum by Drake and 21 Savage. 

Vogue magazine and its Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour have had no involvement in Her Loss or its promotion, and have not endorsed it in any way,” the company’s lawyers when filing the initial lawsuit, specifically pointing the finger at an Instagram post where Drake thanked Wintour for her love and support. “Nor did Condé Nast authorise, much less support, the creation and widespread dissemination of a counterfeit issue of Vogue, or a counterfeit version of perhaps one of the most carefully curated covers in all of the publication business.”

Watch Drake and 21 Savage’s response – in the form of a goblin mode Anna Wintour – below.

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