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Skate Girls of Kabul Jessica Fulford-Dobson
All images © Jessica Fulford-Dobson

Skateboarding in Kabul

The girls of Skateistan are back with a new project, courtesy of Brit photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson

Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson is the latest to use her lens to capture NGO Skateistan's students in Kabul. The project, started in 2007 by Australian Oliver Percovich, aims to mix studies with sport with the priority of getting girls from poor and displaced families back into full-time education by empowering them through the art, and the fun, of the board. “Coming to Skateistan might be the only chance for some of our students to do a sport, do creative arts, or have a positive education experience,” Percovich told us last year. “They also get to have lots of fun and make friends as part of a youth community built through a shared love of skateboarding.”

Back in 2010, we teamed up with the NGO to create a film for Diesel, titled New Voices. Directed by documentary filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel, the flick went on to be shortlisted for the 2012 Vimeo Awards. Since then, the NGO has worked with the Impossible Project, who donated rolls of film and cameras last year to enable the students to capture each other in a candid and creative way. In 2012, they also published their book Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan. Their latest exhibition, a combination of portraiture and off-the-hip shots of the students, Fulford-Dobson's images will go on show this week at the Saatchi Gallery.

Skate Girls in Kabul is on show from 15 April – 28 April, 2015. Click here for more

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