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Arca releases 100 remixes of KiCk i track ‘Riquiquí’

The new variations on the song come courtesy of an ‘intelligent sentience’, Bronze

Arca has shared 100 new remixes of the song “Riquiquí”, from her fourth studio album, KiCk i. “Did you know that up until now I had never allowed anyone to remix an Arca song?” the musician writes in an Instagram post about the new collection, titled Riquiquí;Bronze-Instances(1-100). “There existed 0 official remixes to an Arca track until today.”

The 100 versions of “Riquiquí” come courtesy of a new AI music tool called Bronze, which has also been used to create a new version of Jai Paul’s “Jasmine”. 

“I’ve worked with Bronze once before,” adds Arca. “In 2019 I gave musical language to Echo, a musical being birthed into the Museum of Modern Art’s lobby, and then Echo began to speak of its own volition. There you will never hear the same thing twice – for two years it is an ever-morphing stream thanks to Bronze’s trained yet unpredictable musical AI.” 

“I recognized the textures and melodies, but never the song — for a composer such as myself it remains something truly new which I had never experienced before, a moment of unforgettable experience in virtue of the mystery and wonder Bronze makes possible.”

The artwork for the new remix album, which also appears in Arca’s Instagram post, features a QR code that, when scanned, directs you to a live transmission of a “forever-mutating instance of the song”. The 100 “unique instances” shared on streaming services last just short of six hours.

Arca’s KiCk i was originally released in June this year, and featured collaborations with Björk, Rosalía, Shygirl, and SOPHIE. Earlier in the year, Arca also shared a new, 62-minute single, “@@@@@”.

Listen to all 100 new versions of “Riquiquí”, and view Arca’s Instagram post, below.