Artificial Intelligence

Science & TechViral AI selfie app gets thousands of racist images pulled from internet
Gretchen Andrew
Art & PhotographyThe artist who trolled Google into making her win the Turner Prize
Artificial intelligent crush app Mei
Science & TechUsing artificial intelligence to find out who fancies me
Clueless Facebook AI fashion app
Science & TechFacebook has created AI to make you more fashionable
Lana Del Rey
Science & TechPutting a face-classifying algorithm on Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, and more
Taylor Swift
MusicTaylor Swift apparently threatened to sue Microsoft over its racist chatbot
Yona by Ash Koosha at Barbican AI More Than Human
Art & PhotographyCome meet one of the world’s first AI popstars at our Barbican talk
Facebook develops its mind-reading software
Science & TechA brief history of Facebook’s plan to read your mind
Holly Herndon
MusicHolly Herndon: all too human
Science & TechThis horrific deepfake app generates realistic nudes in seconds
Talking-head deepfake software
Science & TechThe terrifying deepfake tool that lets you put words in people’s mouths
FACEPRINT, Nexus Studios
Science & TechRead a future-facing fictional piece on technology by the late Mark Fisher
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Deepfake
Science & TechA Mark Zuckerberg deepfake is putting Facebook’s policies to the test
Science & TechThe AI-driven social media network hailed as the next Tumblr
AI humanoid artist Ai-Da
Art & PhotographyThe AI artist Ai-Da has made over £1 million ahead of its first solo show
Science & TechUnderstanding bias in AI with the help of a feminist chatbot
Illustration Marianne Wilson
Science & TechHow Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation is using AI to save elephants and tigers
DataGrid AI
Science & TechAI is generating real people that don’t exist
AI: More Than Human Barbican
Art & PhotographyWhat you need to know about the Barbican’s epic AI exhibition
AI art exhibition robot
Art & PhotographyWorld’s first humanoid AI artist given solo exhibition
Franck V image of robot
Science & TechTeenager arrested after Apple Face ID misidentifies him wants $1bn
Artificial Intelligence
Science & TechArtificial intelligence is too white and too male, says a new study
MusicAn algorithm is partnering with Warner
Memories-of-Passersby AI
Art & PhotographyAI artwork flops at auction, robot apocalypse not here yet