Artificial Intelligence

Ex Machina (2014)
Science & TechWhat happens if Google’s AI actually is sentient?
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Science & TechAlexa will soon be able to mimic the voices of the dead
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Ai-Da, Eyes Sewn Shut
Art & PhotographyWelcome to the age of the ‘ultra-realistic’ art robot
Ex Machina
Science & TechScientists develop ‘AI prosecutor’ that can press charges against you
Suicide pod creator implant assisted dying
Science & TechSuicide pod creator invents implant that would kill you if forgotten about
Her film by Spike Jonze
Science & TechAn AI trained on Reddit has warned researchers that it’ll never be ethical
Science & TechOK, what’s up with these self-replicating ‘living robots’?
Ai-Da, Oxford
Art & PhotographyAi-Da, the world’s first AI humanoid artist, has now made history as a poet
Grimes, NPC
MusicGrimes’ AI girl group, NPC, shares its debut track ‘A Drug From God’
MusicTop of the Bots: Grimes is launching an AI girl group
Ex Machina
Science & TechAn ‘ethical’ AI trained on human morals has turned racist
Auroboros Ai-Da exhibition London Fashion Week
Art & PhotographyThe humanoid AI artist Ai-Da has been detained on suspicion of being a spy
Frida Kahlo: The Complete Paintings
Art & PhotographyWant to achieve artistic success? You need a ‘hot streak’, study says
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Science & TechHolly Herndon on vocal deep fakes and launching her digital twin Holly+
MusicGrimes’ next album will be a space opera about a lesbian AI romance
Science & TechPeople are confused by Grimes’ TikTok about technology and communism
Blade Runner (1982)
Science & TechChina is reportedly testing AI emotion detection software on Uyghurs
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AFW Article Cover (Deepfake)
Science & TechHow deepfake technology is bringing loved ones ‘back’ from the dead
AFW Article Cover (Black researchers)
Science & TechThe Black scientists changing the future with research and social justice
Amy Winehouse
MusicArtificial intelligence creates ‘new’ songs by Amy Winehouse and Nirvana
Dating after lockdown
Science & TechThese AI-generated pick-up lines are incredibly not hot