Artificial Intelligence

Memories-of-Passersby AI
Art & PhotographyAI artwork flops at auction, robot apocalypse not here yet
Barbican x AI: More than Human
Art & PhotographyAn immersive, interactive art show about AI is coming to the Barbican
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 11.29.10 AM
Science & TechAI is generating faces of people who don’t exist
1 trans algorithm fear
Science & TechI’m a trans woman – here’s why algorithms scare me
Art & PhotographyAi-Da is the world’s first humanoid AI artist
Salvador Dalí AI
Art & PhotographyThis AI version of Salvador Dalí is both surreal and creepy
xander zhou aw19 aliens london fashion week menswear
FashionXander Zhou sent clones and genetically modified humans out at LFWM
scarlett johansson
Life & Culture‘The internet is a vast wormhole of darkness,’ Scarlett Johansson confirms
Science & TechAI is now thinking more like humans do in a ‘historical turning point’
Grimes - We Appreciate Power artwork
MusicGrimes is back with new single ‘We Appreciate Power’
carlings perl ai collection digital influencers
FashionInfluencers can now influence you with clothes they haven’t even tried on
Screenshot 2018-11-10 15.11.30
Science & TechA Chinese news agency has developed an AI anchor
cher clueless closet
Science & TechAI bots are awkwardly learning how to dress themselves
Christie's AI action, Edmond
Art & PhotographyAn AI-made artwork just sold for more at auction than most artists do
The Strokes Roger Woolman
MusicThis song was algorithmically written in the style of The Strokes
AI and increasing access for disabled artists
Art & PhotographyHow AI could increase art world accessibility for disabled artists
Her film
Science & TechFive years on, how much closer are we to the reality in Her?
Age of AI - voices
Science & TechWhy giving human voices to AI assistants is an ethical nightmare
Science & TechInside the infinite imagination of a computer
Science & TechWelcome to the age of AI
tony kaye
Science & TechThe director of American History X is casting a robot lead in his new film
ai language
Science & TechArtificial Intelligence is writing poetry, but is it any good?
Chelsea Manning
PoliticsChelsea Manning is making her first UK public appearance
FashionIs smart tech hurtling us towards a dystopian fashion future?