Artificial Intelligence

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Blade Runner (1982)
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Amy Winehouse
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Dating after lockdown
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Human vs AI artworks
Art & PhotographyMost people can’t distinguish between AI and human art, says a new study
Ai-Da, humanoid AI artist
Art & Photography‘Selfies’ by the world’s first humanoid AI artist will go on display
Sophia the Robot
Science & TechSophia the Robot may be mass produced to provide company during COVID
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Spotify roast
Science & TechThe AI bot roasting people’s questionable music tastes
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Telegram fake nudes
Science & TechAn AI bot making fake nudes of women is thriving on Telegram
Face mask
Science & TechThis AI can detect the coughs of asymptomatic people with COVID-19
Grimes releases AI lullaby
MusicGrimes debuts an AI-driven lullaby to help you relax
GANksy’s ‘00011111: Confession’
Art & PhotographyAn AI bot has been taught to create surreal, Banksy-esque artworks
Meet HIRA, a shining light of The Paul Institute
MusicMeet HIRA, the Paul Institute artist making future-nostalgic pop
Erica the robot
Science & TechAn AI robot has been cast in the lead role of an upcoming sci-fi film
 fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence
MusicListen to a fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence