Artificial Intelligence

Science & TechThis AI will turn your wildest descriptions into actual images
Spotify roast
Science & TechThe AI bot roasting people’s questionable music tastes
MusicArca releases 100 remixes of KiCk i track ‘Riquiquí’
MusicGrimes says she worries AI will one day ‘make musicians obsolete’
Telegram fake nudes
Science & TechAn AI bot making fake nudes of women is thriving on Telegram
Face mask
Science & TechThis AI can detect the coughs of asymptomatic people with COVID-19
Grimes releases AI lullaby
MusicGrimes debuts an AI-driven lullaby to help you relax
GANksy’s ‘00011111: Confession’
Art & PhotographyAn AI bot has been taught to create surreal, Banksy-esque artworks
Meet HIRA, a shining light of The Paul Institute
MusicMeet HIRA, the Paul Institute artist making future-nostalgic pop
Erica the robot
Science & TechAn AI robot has been cast in the lead role of an upcoming sci-fi film
 fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence
MusicListen to a fake Nirvana song created using artificial intelligence
AI ‘Eurovision’ Song Contest
Science & TechAustralia’s winning AI ‘Eurovision’ track sampled koalas and kookaburras
T-shirt facial recognition
Science & TechThis ugly AF t-shirt blocks facial recognition technology
AI-generated music
MusicListen to AI-generated songs in the style of Kanye, Céline Dion, and Tupac
Distracted boyfriend AI meme
Science & TechAI is making absurd, trash memes based on online humour
Zoom cracking virtual sex parties artificial intelligence
Science & TechZoom is cracking down on virtual sex parties with artificial intelligence
Sex in Space 2
Science & TechHow to have sex in space, according to experts
Yuen Hsieh
Film & TVInside the cyberpunk world of Taiwanese filmmaker Yuen Hsieh
Deep Meditations, Memo Akten
Science & TechMemo Akten’s art sees artificial intelligence tackle life, love, and faith
Ex Machina
Science & TechShock horror: experts say AI sex robots are a moral threat to society
Travis Scott deepfake, Jack Park Canny Dope Man
MusicListen to an AI-generated ‘Travis Scott’ song
MusicBjörk dips into her archives for a NYC hotel’s AI-driven soundscape
MusicGrimes talks AI and making her forthcoming album, Miss Anthropocene
Obvious Art, “Katsuwaka of the Dawn Lagoon” (2018)
Art & PhotographyAI-generated artworks are disappointing at auction