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Lana Del Rey
courtesy of Instagram/@lanadelrey

Lana Del Rey delays her spoken word album

The theft of her sister’s art over Christmas seems to have set things back

Yesterday (January 4) – the date her new spoken word album was supposed to be releasedLana Del Rey issued a statement that said she’s now “gonna wait for about a month to put out Violet...

“We lost about nine days with everything going on,” she adds, presumably referring to the theft of her sister Chuck Grant’s art in late December. But to reassure us, she also says: “it’s an interesting project though, looking forward to having it out.”

Grant has played an important role in Lana’s visuals over the years, directing the singer’s videos and shoots, so it’s understandable that her work being stolen would present a setback. Her “entire retrospective” was taken along with family mementos, Lana said in a statement at the time.

Even when the release date of her spoken word album was on schedule, there were doubts about its simultaneous release with her accompanying (and long-awaited) poetry book, full title Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. Evidently, the book is taking a little bit longer to hand-bind than she expected.