Lana Del Rey will sell her poetry book for $1

The singer’s self-published book is out within the next few months and will come with an affordable price tag, ‘because my thoughts are priceless’

Lana Del Rey has previously talked about releasing a book of poetry, tentatively titled Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass. Over the past few days, the singer has been giving fans a small look at what to expect, as NME reports.

Del Rey has been posting poems on her Instagram for the past few days, and revealed that she’d be putting them out in a self-published book. She says she’ll be binding it in a few months, and that “any mom-and-pop SoCal/San Fran book stores that are interested in having it just let me know and I’ll drive you out a couple boxes” once it’s ready.

When a fan asked how much the book will cost, she revealed that each copy will sell for just one dollar each: “because my thoughts are priceless”.

One recent poem posted to her Instagram include “Jasmine in the air / The burden of fame is real / Never felt so clear.

Check out some of the poems below.