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Cloud Boat Mix

Newest R&S signings and support act for London's Mount Kimbie and James Blake go down a pop route with darker influences

Having been hand-picked by both James Blake and Mount Kimbie for their tour supports, Cloud Boat are the latest signing to hit R&S on a bandier tip. Their first EP featuring lead track, ‘Lions On The Beach’, blends together pop ideals with guitarist Sam Rickett’s Mogwai-esque riffs alongside vocalist Tom Clark’s haunting voice pitched eerily low in the mix. Cut through with clever drum programming and heavy bass, they also reach a more emotive side, where their love of melody is juxtaposed with darker sounds. Dazed presents a new mix from the team featuring the likes of Bon Iver, Jamie XX, Mount Kimbie, and ask them a few words about their sound...


...your secret talent?

Tom Clarke: Car games.
Sam Ricketts: Trombone glissandi.

...your worst vice?

Tom Clarke: Smoking.
Sam Ricketts:

...the story behind your name?

On a basic level they're pleasing words, which conjure pleasing images, which we feel compliment the music we make. Specifically it's taken from a work by the Lithuanian artist and composer, Mikalojus Ciurlionis.

... your favourite sound?

Tom Clarke: Old people singing old songs. You never know what they’re about but they always sound familiar.
Sam Ricketts:
The guitar tone in the theme from ‘Twin Peaks’.

...your worst fashion secret?

Tom Clarke: I went through a phase as a teenager of not bothering to put on any washing and secretly stealing my dad’s pants and socks, wearing them, then hiding them.
Sam Ricketts:
I can't match Tom for inventiveness, but I've had some terrible haircuts.

...your favourite website?

Tom Clarke:
Sam Ricketts: & (of course!)

... good for breakfast?

Tom Clarke: Some sort of nutty muesli.
Sam Ricketts: Eggs & mushrooms.

...the best thing about where you're from?

Tom Clarke: Everywhere has memories.
Sam Ricketts:
My family. the top of your shit list?

Tom Clarke: Eggs & mushrooms.
Sam Ricketts:
Tom’s smoking habit.

...are you listening to now?

Tom Clarke: Why? - Alopecia
Ceremony - Rohnert Park
Airhead - Electronic Explorations Mix

Sam Ricketts: Klaus - Tusk EP
Raein - Il N'y A Pas De Orchestre
Bjork - Homogenic
Assorted Ricky Gervais Podcasts

How would you describe your work?

Tom Clarke: Usually I wouldn’t because I never know the answer when asked. I know how it feels to me though, that’s what is most important because if it all feels right to me and I love it completely, then what people hear is honest and loved whether they like it or not.
Sam Ricketts:
I believe we aim to make music that is diverse, organic and most importantly emotional. It's music I long to continue making for as long possible, and hope everyone enjoys listening to it too!

Tom Clarke:

Bon Iver - Lump Sum
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sketches
Jamie XX / Gil Scott Heron - NY Is Killing Me
Thom Yorke - Atoms for Peace
The Streets - Turn the Page
Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)
Burial - Shutta

Sam Ricketts:
Grouper - Wind and Snow
Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain pt. II (excerpt)
James Blake - Pan
Mala - Changes
Klaus - Tarry
Airhead - Lightmeters
Philip Jeck - Pax
Radiohead - Idioteque
Mount Kimbie - Blind Night Errand
Cloud Boat - Lions on the Beach