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Mount Kimbie (London, UK)

Releasing on Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, expect big things from the electronica-tinged ambient dubstep duo

Taking on a percussive and almost experimental edge on the current breed of dubstep, production duo Mount Kimbie have been a core part of the growing electronic music scene in London with a softer take on dubstep rhythms and bassy tracks so often associated with a sub-genre perfected by labels like Kode 9's Hyperdub to Untold's Hemlock which shot into the limelight circa 'Hyph Mngo'. Surging Lynch-esque sub bass and emotive synths form layers between cut-up vocals over their cleverly percussive tracks, whilst dipping between grime and almost garage elements, they often play with off-kilter 2-step beats and glitchy 8-bit sounds.

Difficult to categorise, their lush EPs 'Sketch on Glass' and 'Maybes' on Scuba's Hotflush label caused a kerfuffle last year with the latter undergoing reworks from the likes of Falty DL, SCB (the darker techno alias of Scuba), Tama Sumo and Prosumer to James Blake on a UK funky/grime tip, whilst B-side 'Taps' was strangely emotive electronica. Dazed catch up with the duo before they play alongside Joy Orbison, Hyperdub's Darkstar, and Dirtybird's Julio Bashmore at the Big Chill in King's Cross.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your work?
Mount Kimbie: Super-pop, genuinely.

...special about you?
We are both unfortunate to hold expert skills on the Xbox version of FIFA 2010.

 …the story behind your name?
There isn't one. It was very much 'picked out of a hat' and it stuck. Another option we had was 'Vertical Pig', I hope we chose the right one.

...the world coming to?
What with the recent arrival of a volcanic ash cloud leeking over most of Europe... the end? you eat for breakfast?
Poached eggs on a good day, we are poached egg experts. Scrambled eggs on a bad, and add salmon to either when we get paid.

...your worst vice?
Stress related anxiety from drinking, tiredness and the London Underground, to name but a few. the top of your shit list?
Not betting on sport results that come in. The Welsh town of Holyhead. Having press photos done. on your to do list?
To be better musically, live comfortably and play live/travel as much as possible.

 ...are you listening to now?
Sepalcure, Real Estate, The Fall, Salem.

The Big Chill Presents Joy Orbison / Darkstar / Julio Bashmore / Mount Kimbie / Altered Native + Aaron Audio this Friday 23rd April. The Big Chill House, 257-259 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London