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Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx Video Premiere

The xx producer and NYC soul legend soundtrack AG Rojas and Jamie James Medina's emotive video for 'I’ll Take Care Of U'

Today, Dazed Digital proudly premieres the video for "I'll Take Care of U", the second single from Jamie xx's astounding Gil Scott-Heron remix album, "We're New Here". Directed by Jamie James Medina and AG Rojas, it tells the story of a female boxer training for a bout while looking after her son in a small New York apartment. Jamie Smith, who was interviewed with XL head honcho Richard Russell in a recent issue of Dazed & Confused, found remixing the soul legend's vocals one of the hardest, but most fulfilling, musical projects he's ever undertaken: "I admired the original Gil album so much because it all fits so perfectly together," the 22 year-old producer told Tim Noakes in the Dazed interview. "The lyrics and the tracks work so well together, and I didn’t want to lose that element in remixing it. I grew up listening to Gil but I wanted to put it to something that was more relevant to me, it just so happens that this is the music that is popular again now. It also allowed me to try something else, which was how I ended up finding samples that related to Gil".