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Blue Moon
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TikTok’s witches plan to cast a spell to help Biden win the election

The ‘Blue Wave’ spell aims to ‘wash away the corruption and injustice and wickedness of Donald Trump and the Republican Party’

Witches on TikTok – in other words, WitchTok – have already come together to cast hexes on police officers amid Black Lives Matter protests this year, and now they’re set to concentrate their collective energy on getting Joe Biden into the White House.

Conveniently, next week’s US presidential election almost coincides with a Halloween blue moon. According to a Medium post detailing the upcoming ritual, groups of witches will be able to harness this on the night of October 31 – as well as the night before the election – to perform a “Blue Wave” spell that will apparently help “wash away the corruption and injustice and wickedness of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in a peaceful transition of power”.

The post also goes into some of the more concrete details for backing a Democratic presidency, including Trump’s tendency to dogwhistle white supremacists (see: that time he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during a televised presidential debate).

Though the instructions claim that “you don’t need to be a witch, a Wiccan, or a magic practitioner” to take part in the ritual, some of TikTok’s less experienced witches have previously found themselves in trouble with their more experienced counterparts for trying to hex the moon. “That’s not a thing,” TikTok user @ravenmunin0 said at the time, but – for everyone’s sake – let’s hope that the “Blue Wave” spell is a thing (or that it coincidentally corresponds with Biden winning the vote, at least).

Whether you plan to take part in the collective spell or not, remember to also go out and vote on November 3.