Donald Trump

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PoliticsTikTokers troll Trump by streaming Joe Biden’s town hall
Claudia Conway
Life & CultureClaudia Conway: should we report on the children of public figures?
Donald Trump coronavirus statement, Twitter
Science & TechTweets hoping Trump dies from COVID break Twitter rules, the platform says
Proud Boys
PoliticsA brief history of the violent, alt-right group, the Proud Boys
Kylie Jenner @Kylie Voting Registration
FashionVoting registration soars thanks to Kylie Jenner’s bikini pic
Cardi B
MusicWatch Cardi B react to Donald Trump during the presidential debate
TikTok US ban
Science & TechA brief explainer on what’s going on with TikTok in the US
Donald Trump Jr rants about TikTok on Triller
Science & TechDonald Trump Jr joins TikTok competitor Triller to rant about TikTok
The Fab Five from Queer Eye
Life & CultureQueer Eye’s Fab Five want you to vote for Joe Biden
Melania Trump’s photoshopped green dress
Life & CultureMelania Trump’s $3,000 green screen dress has become a photoshop meme
Trump, TikTok ban
Science & TechTikTok sues US government over Trump ban
Orange Is The New Black’s Taryn Manning
Film & TVA Karen-inspired crime thriller is in the works
Billie Eilish
MusicBillie Eilish says Donald Trump is destroying America
Cardi B, WAP
MusicCardi B says she’s ‘calling the FBI’ on Trump supporters partying to ‘WAP’
USPS mail crop top merch voter suppression
FashionThe most hyped item in fashion right now is a crop top by the post office
Trump, TikTok ban
Science & TechTikTok reportedly plans to sue the Trump administration over ban
TikTok banned in the US
Science & TechDonald Trump announces TikTok ban: here’s what we’ll miss
TikTok US America Trump ban
Science & TechTrump is planning to ban TikTok: here’s what you need to know
Ed Ruscha anti-Trump artwork
Art & PhotographyCarrie Mae Weems, Shepard Fairey and more share public, anti-Trump artwork
Donald Trump TikTok videos
Science & TechTrump hits back at TikTok teens and K-pop stans with anti-TikTok ads
We Are Who We Are
Film & TVLuca Guadagnino on why his HBO series is nothing like Call Me By Your Name
TikTok vs Donald Trump
PoliticsTeens on TikTok have officially declared war with Donald Trump
Social media users sabotage Trump rally
PoliticsSocial media users are plotting to sabotage another Trump rally
Donald Trump
Science & TechDonald Trump says he backs a US TikTok ban