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Witches for BLM
via TikTok

Witches on TikTok are hexing police officers amid BLM protests

Happy full moon, witches

Last week was a full moon, so naturally, witches on TikTok – or WitchTok – came together to cast hexes on police officers amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

Using the hashtag #witchesforblm, practising witches started posting videos teaching others how to cast simple spells, draw sigils, and manifest intentions in support of the protests that began last month.

The hashtag appears to have started with a video by TikTok user @venxm.exe, in which the practising witch casts a protection spell for protestors rallying against police brutality. In a week, the tag has gained over 10 million views.

In one video, user @jes.tkidding suggests a simple hex: write down the names of police officers and use a black candle to burn the paper, and let the candle burn all the way through. Another video for more advanced practitioners demonstrates how to crate protection sigils that spell out: “PROTESTORS ARE PROTECTED FROM POLICE BRUTALITY” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER TODAY AND ALWAYS.” TikTok user @earthytiana also recommended using the power of the full moon to sign petitions, donate to bail funds, and attend protests.

But witches aren’t the only group showing their support for demonstrators. K-pop stans have also mobilised online by flooding racist hashtags and police departments looking for surveillance videos on Twitter with GIFs of boy bands and girl groups. Online hacktivists Anonymous have since joined in support of K-pop stans. “Anonymous stans ALL KPop allies!” a tweet from the @YourAnonNews account read. “HACK THE PLANET!”

The Amish community has also joined protests in Minneapolis, while monks are marching in support of Black Lives Matter in Berlin.

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