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Baby witches have tried to hex the moon, witch TikTok isn’t happy

Don’t attempt this at home

A rogue coven of baby witches have taken it upon themselves to hex the moon – or, at least, that’s the latest on WitchTok (witch TikTok), and other, more experienced witches are fuming.

While it’s unclear where the hexing talk started, one Reddit user claims there’s a witch on TikTok who knows who the four amateur witches, who are are rumoured to have attempted the lunar hex. This witch is reportedly keeping the others’ identities secret in order to protect them from harassment. According to the same Reddit user, they’re the “same four (witches) who tried to hex the Fae” – another rumour circulating the witchscape.


You done dug your own grave. Have fun. ##witchtok ##fyp

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Who are the Fae, you ask? According to Celtie lore, the Fae, or Fair Folk, are mischievous fairy-like creatures who don’t operate with the same morals as humans. “Fair Folk aren’t inherent(ly) malevolent,” said Twitter user @heyyadoraa. But when you piss them off, “you’ve now got trickery for the rest of your life and maybe a bloodline curse! If you’re lucky. They’ll probably also steal your soul”. And that’s before you add hexing the moon into the equation.

While no one on WitchTok has outlined exactly how you go about hexing the moon, or the Fae, a hex is essentially a negative spell or curse that’s directed towards someone or something as harm. As @punkpillars said on Twitter, you “don’t hex by accident”, the decision was “definitely intentional”.

But according to some elder witches on TikTok, it’s not actually possible to hex the moon. “That’s not a thing,” TikTok user @ravenmunin0 said in a video addressing the moon-hexing rumors. What the witchy n00bs will have done, however, is disrespect the Greek deities Artemis, the goddess of vegetation who’s associated with the moon, and her twin sister, Apollo, the sun.

“For witches, the moon is integral to our work. Most notably, it fuels spells and provides power,” explained @heyyadoraa. “The moon thing matters because there are gods that rule the moon, and hurting the moon, hurts them. Not so much physically as (it) hurts their energy / power, and hurts them emotionally.”

“As siblings, they are VERY intertwined,” @heyyadoraa explains, noting that Apollo is now “PISSED”. “You did piss them off. You disrespected the craft, you disrespected nature, and you disrespected the divine balance,” added @ravenmunin0.

What’s worse,  @heyyadoraa explains, is that Apollo is associated with healing and medicine, which isn’t exactly the bad vibes we want in the midst of a global pandemic.

If, like us, you were unaware of planetary hexing as a thing, there’s no need to fear, apparently. “The moon and sun probably didn’t feel a thing,” @chaoticwitchaunt explained on TikTok. “The gods will take care of it. They are not hurt, just annoyed. They also won’t take some kid’s stupidity out on the entire human race.”