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Peppa Pig is an LGBTQ icon

Peppa Pig is a gay icon now, and we can only stan

Oink oink, put your trotters up

As gay people, we have the power to name anybody we like an LGBTQ+ icon – whether our hettie (read: heterosexual) counterparts can grasp their legendary status or not. We’re at a higher point of culture, you see. 

Previous icons in the queer hall of fame have included the Babadook (babayasss), Cuca the sassy crocodile, and even Sophia the Robot. Now, joining those legendary children is Peppa Pig. 

Before becoming a gay icon – we’ll get on to that shortly – Peppa was already the face of Chinese bootleg fashions, and even a gangster icon. Now, she’s stepping her pussy up to snatch wigs in the music industry after dropping her first sizzling album just last month (listen here if you dare). 

She’s got Iggy Azalea shook, quoted saying she “really was scared” about releasing music at the same time (yes, actually) and new LGBTQ+ hero and yeehaw-agendasetter Lil Nas X wants to do a remix of “Old Town Road” with her (again, really). On Spotify, Peppa Pig Radio includes her songs, along with the likes of Doja Cat, Rico Nasty, SOPHIE, Rina Sawayama, and Azealia Banks

‘What makes her a gay icon though?’ you might be wondering. After it was revealed that Peppa stands at a statuesque seven feet tall – automatically making her a model, IMO – there were memes (obviously) that followed on from the iconic clip of her sassily hanging up the phone on Suzy Sheep, who, TBF is a lil bitch. 

Then, came the stan accounts, with our personal fave @TheRealPeppa1. From the incredibly real bio – ‘next time you eat bacon just remember that it might be my pussy’ – to the sassy clapbacks that rival Rihanna (here, here, and here), the fake Peppa is almost as iconic as the real one. 

So put your trotters up and hail your new queen.