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David Lynch, YouTube
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David Lynch is reportedly working on a new Netflix series

Wisteria is the working title of the Blue Velvet filmmaker’s upcoming project

David Lynch fans haven’t been short of something to watch during lockdown: besides the filmmaker’s daily weather report and DIY projects, there’s been the first public release of old short films including 2015’s Fire (Pozar) and 2011’s The 3Rs.

Back in September however, Lynch himself suggested that the global pandemic has put plans for a new project on hold. Specifically, he would “probably be making a film or continuing story” if it wasn’t for COVID-19, he explained in an interview with PCS Literary Magazine.

Now, courtesy of Welcome to Twin Peaks, we have some more information on a potential new series for Netflix. The fansite points out a listing in the November 26 issue of Production Weekly, which details an “untitled David Lynch project” with the working title Wisteria.

Welcome to Twin Peaks also reports that shooting is set to start in May 2021, and will partly take place at California’s Calvert Studios, where some of the Twin Peaks revival, Twin Peaks: The Return, was shot. Reportedly written and directed by Lynch, the project is set to be produced by former collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland.

A new Netflix production from David Lynch has been rumoured since he was spotted in the lobby of the streaming giant’s offices back in 2018. In early 2020, he released the short film What Would Jack Do? (an experimental noir starring himself and a ballad-singing monkey) on the platform.

Next week (December 3), the David Lynch Foundation will hold a virtual concert with appearances from Kesha, Katy Perry, Sting, Elvis Costello, Hugh Jackman, and more. The “Meditate America” event will benefit efforts to provide meditation training to healthcare workers, at-risk families, and veterans with mental health issues.