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Still from David Lynch’s What Did Jack Do?
Still from David Lynch’s What Did Jack Do?Courtesy of Netflix

David Lynch and the monkey from What Did Jack Do? just released two songs

‘Dancin’ in the World of Love’ is the B-side to ‘True Love’s Flame’, the track that appears in the new short film

David Lynch’s new short film, a 17-minute detective noir on Netflix, pretty much lives up to all Lynchian expectations, but it’s also launched a new star. That star is Jack Cruz, who plays himself as a small monkey/plastic bag specialist accused of murder by Lynch in the role of a detective. 

(Just to clarify, Cruz is a real monkey that, albeit reluctantly, answers the detective’s questions in a human voice.) 

Now, more good news for new Jack Cruz fans: the monkey has officially released the song it sings in What Did Jack Do? as a single, titled “True Love’s Flame”. 

The track is available on Bandcamp, and also to preorder on black and clear vinyl 45s, along with a three and a half minute B-side: the more upbeat “Dancin’ in the World of Love” (which presumably predates the point everything went sideways in the monkey’s love life).

Both songs are written by Lynch himself, alongside longtime collaborator Dean Hurley (who also worked on the film). The exemplary cover art (below) is also designed by the director.

Unfortunately, not much is known about “the primate star crooner of yesteryear” beyond his work with Lynch, according to an accompanying statement. It goes without saying that we hope to hear more in the future.