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Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona (1987)
Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona (1987)via Tumblr

Nicolas Cage could play Nicolas Cage in a new film

So meta

There’s no one quite like Nicolas Cage. Maybe that’s why he looks set to play himself (because who else could?) in a new, v meta film, in which he would also talk to a 90s version of… you guessed it, Nicolas Cage.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate are in final talks to secure the film, which is (amazingly) titled: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. The writers are reportedly Tom Gormican and Kevin Etten, creators of the paranormal TV show Ghosted. 

The supposed premise of the film involves a washed-up Nic Cage desperate to get a role in a new Tarantino movie, but also having to make an appearance at a Mexican billionaire’s birthday party to deal with a heap of debt.

From there, he learns that the Mexican is a drug kingpin and is recruited by the US government to gather intelligence. There will also be some Cage on Cage action, by the sounds of it, with Nic confronting his scornful 90s self.

“But how did two small-ish writers manage to attract the faded star of blockbusters such as National Treasure and more eccentric, less mainstream flicks alike (see: David Lynch’s Wild At Heart) to the self-referential project?” you might ask. 

Well, apparently Cage was shown the script along with a handwritten letter from Gormican, which described the film as a “love letter” and stressed that it wouldn’t be trying to make fun of him. Amazingly, the actor became attached to the film in the last few weeks.

This is definitely one to look out for.