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Jan iú Més SS '11

Last season's Barcelona Fashion Week winners finished off 080 with their showed signature lean silhouettes. slouchy tailoring and futuristic details

Barcelona duo Jan iú Més have made a name for themselves with graphic lines and almost mathematically-calculated menswear. After snapping up the Jury Prize at the January edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the designers made a comeback to the event’s schedule, showcasing their signature lean silhouette alongside slouchy tailoring and more futuristic details. Pastel shades dominated the collection, with the majority of outfits kept in the muted palette of putty pink, beige and grey. Organic prints also made appearance - this time reinterpreting an abstractified butterfly pattern - while neon knitwear and snakeskin jackets added a punky touch to the duo’s predominantly broody aesthetic…

Dazed Digital: What was the collection’s inspiration?
Jan iú Més: We usually don’t have any specific inspiration. What starts the process is the prints and colours. Our collections in the past were usually black, only recently we started adding shades of grey and red… It’s definitely an evolution for us.

DD: Can you tell us more about the prints?
Jan iú Més: We used an image of butterflies, which we manipulated digitally later.

DD: What are you going to wear from the collection?
Jan iú Més: We love all the printed pieces and the snakeskin jacket!

DD: What are your plans now?
Jan Iu Mes: We’ll go to a party tonight and later we’ll go to sleep. We’re both very tired!