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Skims Harmony Korine
Photography Harmony Korine Courtesy of Skims

Kim Kardashian and Harmony Korine had an alien encounter

Kim and her usual gang of monochrome model clones have been replaced by alien life forms for the latest Korine-lensed Skims campaign

At the end of last year, when asked about her 2023 beauty predictions, Julia Fox told us that we’d all be giving “trashy alien vibes” for the next 365 days. And now, never one to miss out on pilfering a shiny new trend, Miss Kimberly Kardashian has entered the chat.

For her latest Skims swimsuit campaign, the shapewear tycoon puts the extra in extra-terrestrial, enlisting Harmony Korine for her very own alien takeover. The new photos feature Kim and her usual gang of monochrome model clones, but this time with a twist: everyone’s heads – apart from Kim’s of course – have been sliced off and replaced with an alien life form. In the shoot, Kim and the girls hang out in a knock-off Versace mansion, lounge by the pool in neon cutout bikinis and pose in front of a canary-yellow supercar. Can’t get any more trashy alien than that!

The fact that Kim hit up Korine for the shoot makes perfect sense. The filmmaker, artist, and part-time poet is no stranger to the fashion world, having recently designed temporary tats for Heaven by Marc Jacobs, and before that lensing campaigns for Gucci, Balenciaga and Supreme to name but a few. He’s even found inspiration in the alienoid before, curating an exhibition at the Gagosian in 2019 in honour of HR Giger, famous for his design work on the Alien franchise.

In contrast, Kim K’s journey into outer-space is a fairly recent adventure. In early December the underwear empresaria was spotted in some archival Björk merch, with many interpreting this as the beginning of a nu-alien era, in a similar vein to the Icelandic songbird. Now, with the help of Harmony Korine, she’s channelled that same energy into a full-scale LA-lien invasion. Up next? Kim x NASA: Skims in Space.

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