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HR Giger on the set of Alien
HR Giger on the set of Alienvia

Harmony Korine has curated an exhibition featuring Alien’s HR Giger

The two-man Gagosian show will also feature Canadian artist Mark Prent’s disturbing sculptures

HR Giger and the Canadian sculptor Mark Prent might not be the best-loved figures in the world of high art: the former – who passed away in 2014 – is primarily known for inspiring the imagery of Ridley Scott’s Alien, while the latter has largely disappeared after gaining a cult following in the 70s for his graphic, disturbing work.

But that hasn’t stopped Harmony Korine, director of Spring Breakers and, more recently, the poet-stoner movie The Beach Bum, from bringing the two artists together. Specifically, their work will form an upcoming, two-person Gagosian show, titled “Birth Machine Baby”.

Prent’s past work has included a delicatessen with human body parts as food, bodies with their internal organs showing, and a baby with a tarantula on its head, which gives a pretty good sense of what he’s all about.

HR Giger’s work, which includes sculpture and painting, has been made instantly recognisable by Alien. He’s best known for his images of humans and machines disturbingly interlinked, which often also veer towards the macabre and/or the erotic.

Needless to say, you can expect the show to be pretty NSFW.

Besides curating the show and directing The Beach Bum, Korine has recently photographed the Gucci Cruise 2020 campaign (featuring Iggy Pop, Gucci Mane, and Sienna Miller), and Harry Styles for the same label.

The Gagosian show will be open from November 5 to December 21 at Park & 75, New York.