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Kim Kardashian in a Björk t-shirt
Kim Kardashian doing her Björk cosplayvia Instagram (@chrisappleton1)

Is Kim Kardashian going to rebrand as Björk?

Having ‘re-evaluated’ her relationship with Balenciaga pantaleggings, Kim has found a springboard into Fossora

Much has been made of Kim Kardashian’s ability to shapeshift, coming into an entirely new wardrobe overnight while shedding her subcutaneous fat much like a boa constrictor would lose its skin. So when Balenciaga released its controversial SS23 campaign and Kim announced that she would be “re-evaluating” her relationship with pantaleggings, a springboard emerged. If not for the spandex superhero costumes, then what? What character would Kim Kardashian inhabit next? 

A sudden metamorphosis occurred at this year’s Art Basel when Kim wore some archival Björk merch, reigniting all the discourse surrounding fairweather music fans and their love of band t-shirts – just last year Kourtney Kardashian was criticised for wearing one from The Cure’s back catalogue. But both Kim and Björk are proponents of ear-shattering soundscapes – from “Jam (Turn It Up)” to Fossora – and the billionaire’s unexpected patronage of the musician might gesture to her next evolution: all sea anemone headpieces and Iris Van Herpen gowns. Kim may have resurrected Marilyn Monroe at this year’s Met Gala, but really, she would’ve received a lot less flak for cloaking herself in the swan dress that Björk wore at the 2001 Oscars.

Or is Kim actually channelling Julia Fox – the woman who was accused of appropriating her own style earlier this year? She had DIY’d that Björk t-shirt into a crop top and hacked the waistband off a pair of biker pants, after all. Either way, Kim, Julia, and Björk share more in common than first meets the eye – they are the daughters of the witches you couldn’t burn and have spent the past year conjuring themselves into new forms, be that a whispering seeress, a centaur, or, well, each other.