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Daniel Rodgers is Dazed's Fashion Writer.

Virgil and Shannon Abloh
FashionShannon Abloh has revealed a ‘50-year plan’ to honour Virgil’s legacy
Miu Miu SS22
FashionRIP hypebeasts: Miu Miu is now the hottest brand in the world
Hattie Crowther
Fashion‘FUCK FIFA’: Hattie Crowther wants to see football lads in femme corsets
UNDERCOVER x Stranger Things
FashionJun Takahashi has been outed as an undercover Stranger Things stan
Virgil Abloh at Paris Fashion Week
Fashion6 conversations with Virgil Abloh that continue to inspire
Fantastic Toiles
FashionAn alternative guide to Black Friday, as told by 12 Dazed faves
Barbie shoes on the Loewe and Balenciaga runway
FashionWhy have designers robbed Barbie and blown up her heels?
Alessandro Michele with Harry Styles at the Met Gala
FashionAlessandro Michele says arrivederci to Gucci
The goth girls of The Craft
FashionGoths on film: 18 of the best-dressed doomers in pop culture
Balenciaga fuckboy mattress
FashionBalenciaga is selling a fuckboy’s mattress for $46,300
Alectra Rothschild SS23
FashionAlectra Rothschild is the designer invoking the rebel glamour of Pete Burns
Central Cee for Jacquemus
FashionCentral Cee channels Cam’ron in Jacquemus’ latest campaign
Elon Musk at Halloween
Fashion‘I hope the community outlives Elon Musk’: High Fashion Twitter speaks out
FashionJonathan Anderson has bravely come out as a Belieber
Martine Rose posing for Kendrick Lamar
FashionKendrick Lamar dedicates his entire Instagram to Martine Rose
Jawara Alleyne Untitled campaign
FashionJawara Alleyne leads his punks, pirates & ragamuffins to a gothic carnival
meta balenciaga mark zuckerberg
FashionBalenciaga says bye to Elon Musk as it deletes its Twitter account
Loewe AW22
FashionChlöe Sevigny swings for Loewe, and more fashion news you missed
Alexander McQueen, Voss, SS01
FashionThe Kingdom of Dreams examines the dark side of fashion’s ‘Golden Era’
Isla Fisher in confessions of a shopaholic
FashionSo sue me! 9 of the most controversial lawsuits in fashion history
ABRA Season 2
Fashion‘I’m a super sweet psychopath’: ABRA is fashion’s secret, viral weapon
Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 16.19.50
FashionRelease me! Margaret Thatcher’s horcrux found on the RealReal
FashionDead fish and fascinators: perturbing photos of precious headpieces
Mark Bryan gay
FashionDoes heeled hetty Mark Bryan hate homos?