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Samantha Jones SATC
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Is Samantha Jones making a cameo in the new Emily in Paris?

Having sworn off And Just Like That, speculation is now brewing that Kim Cattrall will reprise her role as the ‘try-sexual’ PR circa season three

At some point between Sex and The City 2 and And Just Like That, Samantha Jones learnt about a little thing called “boundaries”. Fed up with Carrie Bradshaw’s breathless trauma-dumping, Samantha realised that she didn’t want to be in a situation for even an hour where wasn’t enjoying herself – Big’s funeral included – so she’s currently spending her time being at capacity in London. Stunningly, those were the same kind of emotions that Kim Cattrall experienced, having sworn never to return to Michael Patrick King’s toxic TV sets. 

She might, however, return into the arms of Patricia Field, the OG SATC costume designer who’s responsible for Emily in Paris’s avant-basic wardrobe: all kicky skirts, sliving gloves, and spangled berets. Last night, Cattrall appeared at the premiere for the fourth series of Emily in Paris with a little Philip Treacy fascinator perched on her forehead – an indicator, perhaps, that Netflix might have wrangled a Samantha Jones in Paris crossover. After all, it’s hardly ludicrous to assume that Samantha (the PR guru) might take the Eurostar and assume a role at Savoir (a PR agency) – horrifying Emily with her “try-sexual” past.

Or perhaps she’s dedicated herself to music, bought an upright bass and is now freestyling improv jazz on a street corner – something about he-dogs and she-dogs, probably. Again, this wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility: Darren Star created both shows and has remained firm friends with Cattrall, much like Pat Field. If there can be crossovers between movies about superheroes, then surely there is space in entertainment for a collaboration between two spendthrift women who practice unethical non-monogamy. Who knows!! The new season of Emily in Paris lands on December 21, which as Samantha Jones once famously huffed, is French for “we take our fucking time”.